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How to build a website when one does not know the coding language? If someone would have asked me this, I would have surely said not possible. I would have purely recommended them to learn from scratch. I am no website wiz either. The terms and conditions of website building are quite tough for me as because I do not know the coding and scripting languages of how to build a website. I create website simply using the help that I get from BlueVoda site builder. This site builder allows the user to learn about the use of the application or the software that is available to create website from video tutorials that can be easily downloaded from their site. This is all that is necessary to learn in regard to how to build a website. This application is available as a downloadable link after registering the name and the email address. What is more, it is free.

BlueVoda site builder is easy to use and the video on how to build a website is available for those who would not know about how to build a website. It has all the step by step guidance on how to drag, drop, put the images on the page, resize these images and change the aspect ratio too and also give special effects from within the software. One can learn to change colors, edit the text and images and they can also put the templates, footers and header that are readily available on their site. These are available completely free of charge. Side by side, one can create website, through this site builder as also publish them in no time. Unlimited number of websites can be created with this site builder. For me the most outstanding and appreciable features of this site builder are:

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• Easily and quickly insert multimedia which includes video and audio as well as flash movies as also active-X objects which enhance the websites I create;

• Create banners, pop-ups, forms and image galleries

• No need for tables—highly search engine friendly feature which I appreciate a lot;

• Drag and drop most items and position them accurately on the page for an overall pleasing visual effect;

• Use of ready-made templates which can be further customized to give a unique look to every website I design;

• Ability to create drop down menus and clickable buttons and rollovers which visually are very pleasing and highly functional.

Free technical support is available to create website. This support is available from BlueVoda site builder 24/7. I was able to complete a number of website projects really fast and easily. I was able to publish them live on the domain of my choice. I also used VodaHost services in a few of my projects. Everything about how to build a website is automated in this site. When I started new, I knew only a little about how to build a website, and I only used this site builder to create website which were simple. Slowly with the help of the site builder, I was able to add different features and go on to create professional and corporate websites.

Using the videos on how to build a website, I was able to add the shopping cart, galleries and different plug-ins that were necessary for my multi-page website. The site builder was completely clean. There were no hidden spyware and adware that unnecessarily jammed a system. It is compatible with my desktop as also my laptop. I could create website and publish them in no time as well. I could create website that looked 100 percent professional. I could create website because I had the help available from their technical support team. It was easy to create website on a budget. Since I could get it all done in no time, I could charge a lower fee from my clients. This is something they really appreciate too.

I would recommend the builder to all those who does not know how to build a website. BlueVoda has made it possible for people like us to build website even without knowing the languages of how to build a website. Even for professionals like me it has helped in getting a larger number of clients who are looking for affordable website solutions.

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