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BlueVoda is not just a website builder to me; it is a dear friend as BlueVoda showed me how to make a website effortlessly. I was just a simple English teacher at a school. It was examination time and students were given preparation leave. I was suddenly taken by a fear. My students were at home and we will not meet every day … then how will their clear their doubts if any and what if they wanted to ask anything? They might think whatever they may like but I could not leave them alone. I decided to take the help of the Internet. I need to create website of my own. I did not know how to make a website and neither did I have the time to learn how to make a website. I was so worried how to create website.

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Then I came across BlueVoda website builder, a really cool tool to create website very easily. There was no need for me to go looking for website designers or take lessons in how to make a website. BlueVoda website builder gives you video tutorials to demonstrate how to make a website. The best part was that BlueVoda website builder helps you create website for free and I simply downloaded the BlueVoda website builder and I was ready to create website of my own. I was nervous as I had no idea how to make a website. BlueVoda opens up as a work area like MS Word Format with all the tools given Iconic form to create website with all your imagination skills. I was immensely happy with BlueVoda website builder for two reasons: Firstly I would create website of my own and secondly I would learn how to make a website.

The BlueVoda website builder provides a Drag & Drop function that helped me to place the Icons at the right place. In addition, BlueVoda website builder provided unlimited logos, templates and web page backgrounds free, to create website. I selected a literary type of a template and was able to create website with loads of information for my students which was quite amazing and the customer care representatives were there 24×7 to help me to create website. I completed the designing in about an hour, thanks to BlueVoda website builder. I loaded important information about Macbeth, Wordsworth, Shelley and Keats. After taking up a web hosting account, my website was live on the Internet by the next morning.

For two days there were no emails and my excitement started to ebb down. It seemed futile to heave learned how to make a website. Then some emails trickled in and soon there were many students who wanted to clear their doubts. I was so happy to read their emails and help them. They were really impressed by the website and praised me for my talent and knowledge. My website was a hit! Now I knew how to make a website and not only my students but my colleagues wanted to learn how to make a website as well. Needless to say I became a hero and my website became the talk of the town. BlueVoda website builder had changed my reputation in the society and my students, who are very important to me had all the info they needed. It’s my friend forever.

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