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Hi, my name is Harsh and I live in India. I am a first generation entrepreneur and own a small garment manufacturing unit in India. Due to my contemporary product profile, I was keen to exploit export market potential but all my efforts were not giving desired results as I did not have a website of my own to showcase the exquisite garments which I was manufacturing. I realized that in order to tap into this export market, a website is a must. Website developers charge a hefty sum of money to create website however small it is, but I neither have deep pockets nor am I a tech-guy who knows how to make a website. My wife was witnessing my entire ordeal and on its own did some online research and found this amazing BlueVoda html editor. She told me that she would like to help me by making a website on BlueVoda in lieu of a vacation to the location of her choice. I just laughed and didn’t pay any heed as I thought there was no way it could be created by a person who does not know anything about how to make a website. Moreover, she had no knowledge about HTML code writing.
As I didn’t have the reserves to pay the astonishing amount of money asked of me by website developers to create website, I told her to go ahead, since there was no harm in experimenting. I provided all the content required to create website and to my surprise she created the first page of the website within a day and that too when she didn’t knew even iota of html code. Honestly, she neither studied html code nor has she ever acquired any skills on how to make a website but still managed to create website with superior looks and rich contents. With full credit to the BlueVoda html editor, I can now safely say that any novice user having no prior knowledge of html can create website , simply by going through the easy-to-understand BlueVoda tutorials that explain in detail how to make a website matching anyone’s needs.

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Even in my wildest dreams I never thought that creating a website would be such a simple process. The BlueVoda html editor is all about how to make a website without hiring a web designer and thus saving tons of money. BlueVoda is a powerful yet user friendly solution to create website without any working knowledge of complicated HTML. With this HTML editor, one does not need to be very careful regarding every aspect of the webpage, since everything has to be programmed manually (color, background, font, etc). But the BlueVoda html editor has so many easy to use features like drag-and-drop which help to create website without any hassle. It is especially useful for those people who have no prior knowledge of html coding. I can now maintain my website and keep updating web pages on my own without taking help from website developers thus saving me a lot of money and that too without learning the html language. The website created by the BlueVoda html editor completely matched to all my professional requirements and infact even exceeded all my expectations.
Coming from the stable of web-hosting company VodaHost, I am highly impressed with the dedicated support team and their ability to quickly understand customer problems and provide hassle free solutions. The BlueVoda html editor perfectly knows how to make a website which will be search engine optimized.
BlueVoda is really a value for money product for the people who have no prior knowledge about how to make a website and it is extremely easy to create website using it. Looking at the phenomenal results that I achieved with the website that was created using BlueVoda, some of the professional web designers in our area have also decided to create websites using BlueVoda although none of them was earlier familiar with how to make a website without using HTML editor.
Creating a website without wasting time in learning complex HTML code is just like a dream come true. Anyone with a basic knowledge of computer can quickly learn how to make a website using the BlueVoda html editor. So if you are still grappling with a problem of how to make a website without paying a fortune then without any second thought, I highly recommend the BlueVoda html editor to create website yourself!

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