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Design website for me? This is the first question I asked when a friend of mine asked me about website creation for my job. I was amazed that his idea wasn’t bad, I seriously gave it a thought and decided about website creation. I forgot to mention about myself, I am an educational and career consultant, and my job is simply to educate and guide people to their right places where they can fit in, normally I do this work manually but setting up and office and giving newspaper ads, but a month ago a friend of mind gave me the idea to design website and expose myself to the outer world and this is why I decided finally about website creation.

In the beginning I thought to get help from some webs designer to design website for me, then I thought to try myself as it can save me a lot of bucks if I design website by myself. So all I did was some searching about website creation, and found that website builder are the only simple solution to the website creation dilemma if you have to do it yourself and you are not an expert. Then second step for me was to find which website builder is good enough to design website for me according to my need and wishes. So I had my search and download two of them, FrontPage website builder, which is a common one but I downloaded another one namely BlueVoda which was new for me but since was free and small in size and had a lot of positive review in the website builder forums, so I decided to give that a try first before jumping to FrontPage website builder to design website. But when it came to practice I never felt the need of any other website builder after I opened the BlueVoda website builder.

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BlueVoda website builder took no time in installation and when I started using it, I was completely amazed, it was so easy to use, and even if you don’t know a word about how to design website, even then website creation can become an easy job for you. Many of the functions that other website builder take time in are available in BlueVoda that you can use in website creation, like the multimedia stuff and the plug-ins etc that matters a lot while you design website.

BlueVoda made the website creation much easier than it used to be and now anyone can easily opt for website creation, and can design website in minutes and even publish them to net. And in fact I did the same, I started website creation using BlueVoda website builder and was not only able to design website but I also published the website to internet and now I have my presence on the World Wide Web as an international career counselor. So, if you too want your presence on internet, then go for BlueVoda and show yourself and make your presence felt by creating a website for you.

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