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My first impression of BlueVoda website builder, it’s too good to be true. I had a hard time accepting the fact that there is a free website builder that can really help me create website. I mean one that really works as promised. In my desire to have a website, I have tried a few free website makers that are available online. I don’t want to hire a professional website developer and designer because, it is expensive. So, I just looked for free software that I can use to create website to save money. The money saved, I will used to pay for my website hosting as I want a self-hosted blog.

BlueVoda website builder stood out because of their software amazing features. Plus! It is an advanced website builder, probably why I have an easy time using it. In fact, I think anyone can create website with the software. The drag and drop feature definitely helps make it easier for anyone to create website. Bear in mind, I didn’t know anything about HTML or website designing. I’m not like other website owners who can build a website from scratch or whatever for I lack the basic coding skills. Yet, I was able to create website without help from anyone. My first website is awesome looking that my friends and family thinks I paid a good amount of money for it.

When I created my first website using the website builder, I didn’t worry not even a little. The simple homepage makes navigation easier for beginners. This website builder has an image gallery which made things simple and hassle free. I was able to create website by just downloading the things I needed such as website headers, webpage backgrounds, templates and logos. They have hundreds of logos to choose from. So, I downloaded what I needed from the image gallery without paying. It is free to use, so I downloaded whatever I wanted for my website.

By the way, I was able to create website that included several web pages. There is no restriction with this website builder. So, anyone can create website with as many web pages as they want or need. With the pre-designed templates, I had a fun time creating my website. I definitely went all the way and just added the web pages I needed. For me, BlueVoda software is the best one to use since it enabled me to create website and publish my work in minutes. Once I completed designing my website, it only took me a couple of minutes to get it online.

This website builder allows anyone to create website and publish their website on the internet in a flash. With the one click feature, my website went live online with just a push of the button. But of course, it’s possible because I sign up for VodaHost web hosting. BlueVoda website builder is free to use but not the website hosting. Anyway, it only took me few a minutes to sign up for a web hosting account with their sister company.

I’m really happy with my website and glad that I tried this website builder. My website doesn’t look generic since I was able to personalize my web pages. Additionally, I used their best templates to create website. So, even if I don’t have any clue in HTML, no one will know that my website is not professionally done. I received compliments for my website since it was launched. I even received indecent proposals from friends who also want a website. They asked me to help them create website for a fair price, providing me with opportunity to earn extra money. So, I said yes and why not when I can easily create website using the website builder. BlueVoda website builder can be used repeatedly to create website. The software unlimited features will give anyone an opportunity to make money while enhancing their skill in website design.

The website builder is the perfect tool to create website. It is also wonderful to use because there is no adware or spyware inside. When I downloaded the website builder software to my computer, it only took a few minutes. I also just provided my email address and nothing more unlike other website builder, I have tried. Oh! It also comes with video tutorials that teach users how to create website and publish it online. I watched the video tutorial before starting. It helped me greatly understand the different features and most importantly, it allows me to create my website for free.

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