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Many small and large businesses have websites so potential customers can easily find them. This is one of the reasons I decided to create website for my small home based business. I know that having a website can help increased my sales and showcase my products and services. Anyway, I have used BlueVoda website builder for it is free and have amazing features. I used this website builder to create website for my home based business of cakes and cupcakes.

I baked sweet goodies, cakes and cupcakes for birthdays and special occasion. I get orders from my Facebook fan page but I feel it’s no enough. I want a business that is more systematic and I know a website can help me achieve my goal. With a website customers can easily order online. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to hire a professional website developer and designer. I’m just starting and my business has limited capital. So, my only option is to create website by myself. I know that there is a website builder that allows anyone to create website so all I need to do is find the website builder that works. I browse online and found several software that promised quick and easy way to create website. I tried a few but most of the software I tried irritated me and the lack of customer support didn’t help at all. Some website builder has complicated navigation that made it difficult to create website.

BlueVoda website builder caught my attention because of its features and positive reviews. I came across a review that this website builder has a video tutorial. Naturally, it piques my interest as I can watch the video before downloading the software. It gives me the power to decide later on whether I can create website using the software or not. So, I watched the video tutorial first before downloading just to see if I can create website. The video tutorial told me everything I needed to know that the software is worth downloading. So, I provided my email then waited for the software to finished downloading to my computer. The download only took a few minutes. BlueVoda website builder is compatible with Window XP, Vista, 7 and 8 my computer is Window 7. Once done, I went to work right away as I’m very excited to create website, my first website.

My first website is awesome according to my friends and family. When I told them that I created my website using just a website builder they we surprised. My cousin who is an IT could not believe that I created a website without his assistance. They were astonished for I am not a computer expert and have no idea what html does to a website. But who needs to know what html does when I can easily create website using a website builder. With BlueVoda website builder I just drag and drop the templates I needed to create website. I went to the image library where over hundreds of images, logos, website headers and templates are free to download. I downloaded the logos and headers that I think suit my business and personality. It is so easy, the drag and drop feature made things simple for newbies like me.

Once done, I quickly sign up for a web hosting account with VodaHost. It is best to used VodaHost because of the one click publishing of this website builder. The one click publishing is a feature wherein it allows users to publish their website on the internet in just seconds. And since VodaHost is a sister company of BlueVoda, it makes perfect sense to sign up and create a web hosting account with a provider that activate the instant publishing feature. My website went live in seconds after clicking the publish button.

The website builder user friendliness inspired me to create website for my family and friends. I love that I can let my imagination go wild through the different websites that I created and will create. There is no restriction to the use of the website builder which is why I can create website repeatedly. Plus! I can create website with several web pages for there is no limit. The pre-designed templates also ensure that each website I will build is still unique.

With BlueVoda website builder I have fun creating websites. And because there is no spyware and adware, I didn’t need to worry about anything else. I highly recommend BlueVoda for it is easy to use and best of all free to use. I don’t need to be a techie because this website builder is great for beginners that want to create website.

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