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How to Create a Powerful Website

I had never thought in my wildest dreams that I would ever create website and that too with so much ease. I am a sales professional of a small CRM product based company. We are a small but upcoming IT firm catering to the CRM requirement of different industry verticals. We just started two years back. I am a sales leader with four sales executives working under me.  Since we are a customer facing profile business, we realised that reaching out to the clients was very difficult without any web presence.  The first question put forth by any client was about our website. I raised this concern to the owner of our company and suggested that we needed to create website immediately. He completely overlooked my suggestion until we lost an important deal to one of our major competitors. Having realized that in spite of the better product, the deal went into the favour of the competitor because of their tremendous online presence, my boss felt an urgent need to finally build a website. Since I was the one who first initiated the website my boss handed over the responsibility of designing a website to me.

So, there I was trying to create website and that too an impressive one without any experience on it.  This was a challenging task for me where I could not go wrong. During the course of my online research and exploration, one name that prominently emerged was that of BlueVoda website builder.  There were many things that pulled me towards this website builder to create website. First was the ability to create website on my own. Second there were no additional charges for maintaining and updating the website. Third being the ability to launch the website in seconds. Having weighed the pros and cons of downloading this website builder to create website, I decided to go for it. This required tremendous courage though. One incorrect move or small mistake could have cost me my job. However, with little fear, apprehensions and courage, I downloaded the BlueVoda website builder to create website on my own. The only thing was that in order to publish the website using the BlueVoda program you have to host your site with VodaHost. The great thing was explaining to my boss that I did not spend any time looking for a web hosting company and that VodaHost has great hosting packages.

Without any experience and knowledge of HTML, I tried to create website with this website builder. To my surprise, it was indeed an easy affair. I was able to connect the dots, without breaking my head or wasting my time.  I had never thought that a non-techie like me would have a good time with this amazing website builder. Making use of BlueVoda website builder to create website turned out to be an interesting affair for me. It was so much fun that I did not feel like leaving it. With access to plenty of website templates and logos to choose from, I never ran out of options. Their amazing image library that gives access to countless designs, images and logos made me go on and on for hours. Besides, this website builder was 100 % clean, free from all malware and virus which added to my convenience in creating a website. Working with their clean and user friendly user interface was immensely great.  I loved their ad free system and their drag and drop features. Not even once, did it make me feel that I was exploring this website builder to create website for the first time. By the end of the day; I had made almost 12 interesting website designs for my boss to shortlist one of them.  With the ready website design, on the second day we generated the desired content and thanks to BlueVoda website builder’s one click publish button we had our website live for our customers world-wide.  Imagine being able to create website without any complicated coding and HTML programming required.

This was quite an achievement for my company and obviously for me. I had to create website for my company and I had done so quite efficiently thanks to the BlueVoda website builder.  Within a few months of having the website online, we realized we needed a contact form on our website to capture prospective leads. To my surprise BlueVoda website builder offered a solution to this problem as well. Their automated form builder allowed us to create website with the contact form feature to track the leads on to our website. I am out of words in trying to express my gratitude to BlueVoda website builder. Today thanks to BlueVoda website builder, we have a website which by no means is lesser than a professionally done website. We strive to keep our website up to date with all the latest releases, new builds and press releases. Today our customer base has increased manifold.

It’s been almost a year since we have published our website. Since I was able to create website and launch it successfully, I get the onus for it in every meeting and conference. My boss is all praise for me and my role has expanded from simply being a team leader to the strategy marketing manager within a year’s time.  What more could I have asked for? I would personally like to recommend BlueVoda website builder to create website of their own to anyone. Tremendously vast features offered by this unique website builder are worth trying your hands on.

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