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How to create a website for a small business

I own a small apparel business in North Carolina. But today, thanks to BlueVoda, my apparels are no longer restricted to the customers of my city or state or even the country. Today, my business is famous worldwide. I have been receiving orders from different parts of the world.  When I started my business way back in 2005, I had not even thought of having my own website. Forget about being able to even create website. Consulting a web designer, paying them for having a website that required regular maintenance – all these things seemed to be a total no – no for me. I am a simple businessman who is scared of high tech gadgets. However, almost a year back when my sister visited my shop after a gap of almost 3 years, she was very much surprised with my collections.  She loved my collections so much that she insisted I should cater to the customers on a wider platform as my collection had an International appeal. I was a bit confused and was racking my brains about reaching maximum number of customers. It was then that she suggested that I should create website for my apparel business.

At first, I let go off her suggestions thinking about all the crap involved in hiring a professional to create website and to look after its maintenance. But when Jane told me about the website builder, BlueVoda that lets you create website on your own; I thought it was worth a try. I thought if it is so simple to create website with a website builder, why not try it once?

Being a total newbie, I asked Jane to help me out with the entire “create website” mission, but she insisted that I try it out myself as it is very easy and user-friendly, though she promised to be by my side in case of any difficulty. So there I was, all alone with this new website builder, BlueVoda, trying to create website. To my surprise, creating a website was indeed a piece of cake.  This amazing website builder offered unbelievable images and templates options which made it easy and fun-filled for me to create website.  The best part of this extraordinary website builder was its pre-designed templates. There were so many different options to choose from, that I wanted to try each of them.  I was able to create website by trying out each and every design and template.  I was indeed happy being able to try each of them and finally being able to select the one that looked the best to create website for my small business.  There were no limitations to my creativity.  Without any HTML knowledge and prior experience in website designing, I had actually designed four website designs with this website builder. I had never thought that I would ever be able to create website in my entire life. I would like to mention that drag and drop feature of this amazing website builder is ideal for someone like me who has never ever tried his hand at create website. I don’t know how to explain but let me tell you when I downloaded BlueVoda website builder; I thought I would create website with just a single page. But with the variety of options that this incredible website builder had to offer, I actually ended up creating a website with multiple pages. Now, those who visit my website can easily browse through the different sections that are neatly categorized for men, women and children and accordingly place their order. BlueVoda Website builder has an amazing library which provided me the option to add a feedback form on my website which has helped my business improve immensely.

The best of this incredible website builder is its one click publish button. As soon as all the apparel that I had to display along with the appropriate content was ready, it took me no time to publish it and make it available to my customers worldwide. I am really grateful to this implausible website builder and definitely to my sweet sister Jane for having helped me achieve what I had never ever dreamt of. It has been more than two years now! All that I have achieved in this two years time, with the website builder, I was not able to do that in the past five years.

If at all you are planning to create website for your business, I would recommend that you try BlueVoda Website Builder at least once. I am sure you won’t regret it. If I can create website anybody can do it with this incredible website builder!

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