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How To Create A Website

Learning how to create a website may seem like a daunting task if you are a total beginner but it’s quite an easy process if you have a few guidelines to follow. Once you have a few basic guidelines and have something of an understanding of how the World Wide Web works, the world is truly your oyster when it comes to creating a site and making it successful.

Knowing how to create a website that is successful is greatly dependent on your composing a plan of action before you start. This action-plan should lay-out how your website will be in terms of navigation, design and content. In this article, we’ll discuss a few of the important things to consider as you plan how to create a website.

How to Create a Website with a great name: The name of your site is very important and deciding what to call your site shouldn’t be rushed. The name should ideally correspond to your domain name so if the name of your site is “Create website”, the domain name you should purchase it should contain the words “create a website”

Remember that your domain name should be short and easy to remember. Try to make it search engine friendly by using the Google Keyword Tool to find a search term within your niche. For example, if you are learning how to create a website to promote your plumbing business in Brighton, you may be tempted to name the site after yourself. However when people are searching for a plumber on the internet, they don’t know your name. It would instead be better to call the site “Brighton Plumber” and the domain name you should register is brightonplumber.

How to Create a Website with great Keywords and content: Now we have named our site, we need to know how many pages we want to build and what content will reside on each page. Before you start writing content, once again use the Google keyword tools to find out what your main keywords for each page will be. Keywords are used by the search engines as they decide what your website is about and by optimizing your pages to include relevant keywords, you increase your chance of traffic from people that don’t already know about your business.

On your action plan, lay-out the content for each page and also spend a little bit of time learning SEO techniques for writing content. This includes using your main keyword in the title of your page, in the opening paragraph and also gauging keyword density.

While you should write content that is search engine friendly, it is also important to write, first and foremost, for your readers. Don’t write a 2000 word article in three paragraphs. Break it up for your readers by inserting headings at the beginning of each paragraph letting them know what each section is about.

How to Create a Website with great Navigation: The navigation part of your website is generally called the menu. This needs to be visible as soon as someone arrives at your site so place it at the top of the site or on the left hand side (as people tend to read from left to right). One part of knowing how to create a website that is good is putting yourself in the shoes of the visitor and making navigation easy for them. Imagine your site were to be a shop that sells women’s clothes. With this in mind, you would not stock the front of the shop with women shoes and leave the clothes at the back. Make sure that your reader can find what they want from the menu within a couple of clicks of a mouse. Don’t create a confusing maze of pages that will make them press the back button at the top of the screen.

How to Create a Website with a cool color scheme: In the process of learning how to create a website, we have arranged the name, the content and navigation. Another important decision on is on the color scheme. Do not be too drastic with colors as now is not the time to push the boundaries. It is better to be safe than sorry as you can make changes to your site later on, if using a tool such as the BlueVoda website builder.

White text on a yellow background, for example, is very hard to read and readers will leave your site straight away. Take a look at other sites that you like and compare their color schemes. You will find out that the most successful are just black text on a white background or vice versa. Think of who your readers will be and what their preferences are. If your site is selling antiques then most of your customers will be past the age of thirty and it would not be wise to make your template a bright pink color, which is more suited to a girly chat website than to antiquities.

How to Create a Website that includes visual media: If your entire website contains only text, readers will become very bored quickly no matter how good or relevant your message is. You need to use visual media to maintain their interest as most websites are interactive in some way. This can be in the form of photographs, videos, drawing, diagrams, cartoons or surveys.

Let’s imagine that our website will be step by step instructions on how to create a website. As we create the website building process, we could take screen shots of our computer images and then insert these among the text and use them as visual media. If your website is about food, include as many pictures of food as possible. If you do not have any pictures or videos to use, make use of sharing sites such as YouTube and Flickr. As long as you leave a link to the original photo or video no one will mind you using their videos or pictures.

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How to Create a Website with Branding and your personal profiles: People associate and connect better with websites if you have branding throughout. You might just be creating a five page website promoting a skill of yours, however, you will still need to spend some time and thought on your logo. You can employ a professional to make a logo for you, alternatively if using BlueVoda website builder, they have a free library that you can use. There is also a great Logo Maker built in to the BlueVoda website builder software.

Depending on your topic is whether you will also need to promote your personal profile. Advertising as a lawyer or real estate services can be tricky if you do not have a page that gives information about yourself. People who are looking for experts in these topics want to connect with an actual person and not just a website brand.

How to Create a Website with a great Contact page: You would be amazed at how many websites have no form of method to contact the owner. Now, you may be think that you do not want anyone to contact you however potential advertisers or sponsors will look for a contact page. In the event that you build a big readership base, your readers will start asking you questions which you can in turn, make into content for your site. Remember to insert a contact page and if your website is doing local business, a contact telephone number and address.

So, let’s start the practical process of learning how to create a website

Now that we have an action plan on paper, we need to start learning how to create a website using software tools. The simplest tool to use is the BlueVoda website builder as this is a user-friendly WYSIWYG program (WYSIWYG means What You See Is What You Get). It eliminates the need to know any of the HTML or CSS languages that need to be learned if you were working without such a tool.

Download the BlueVoda website builder. Don’t delve straight into building your site from your action plan. Instead, spend a small amount of time getting used to the user interface, its features and abilities. Learn how to make a website using the image tool, the font editor and the template background. Practice making contact forms and changing the layout of pages.

Learn how to create a website by naming your pages and inserting visual media that will make your site attractive to readers. For added benefits, read all the tutorials on how to create a website with BlueVoda as they will also give you so many ideas that never occur to a novice learning how to create a website.  The tutorials can be opened and referred back to as you are practicing with all the various features that are available.

Once you feel that you know your way around the BlueVoda website builder, refer to use your original action plan to learn how to create a website. There are no set rules and no limitations on the designs you can create. Using BlueVoda website builder means that you have a blank canvas to create a piece of art. While you are using BlueVoda site builder, constantly refer to the preview button so you can see what your site will look like when published. If there is something that you do not like, get rid of it; if you do not like it, chances are, your readers wont either.

Remember to include pictures and even videos to encourage your reader to stay on the site. A successful part of knowing how to create a website is when you can make a site that wows your readers and gives them a cause to delve further to find the information that they need.

While you are looking at the information in front of you, it is important not to forget Meta tags and titles that will be vital in Google picking up your site and displaying it to people surfing the web.

How to Create a Website – Publishing it

So you have used BlueVoda website builder to learn how to create a website. Feels good doesn’t it? But the process is not finished yet. You need to publish your site to the World Wide Web. To do this, you will need to purchase a VodaHost hosting account. Remember at the same time as buying the account, you get a free domain name (which should be short and easy for people to remember!).

Publishing a site to the World Wide Web is easy and done via the use of a BlueVoda’s FTP tool. If this is the first time that you have used BlueVoda website builder or even published a site, then don’t forget that there are step by step instructions in the tutorials that I mentioned earlier.

How to Create a Website: Getting found.

This is great. You have published your website and it is there on the World Wide Web for everyone to see. However you need to make sure people can find it. You would not open a brand new shop and not advertise yourself or your businesses so don’t do the same with a website. The following are some great ways to promote your website

1) Article submission sites

2) Forum signatures

3) Commenting on others people s blogs

4) Making a Facebook page

5) Signing up for a Twitter account and being active in the community that you belong to

6) Business cards

7) Placing the web address at the end of your emails in your signature

8) Exchanging links with other sites

How to Create a Website: Maintenance

The maintenance part of how to create a website does not take a lot. You should be reviewing your website monthly (at least) and making sure that everything is intact. If you have contact forms, complete a test message to make sure that it works. Check videos and images to make sure that they are still displaying.

The maintenance part of how to create a website also gives you an opportunity to spot any changes that need to be made and this is the great part of using the BlueVoda website builder. You can make changes as and when you want to with no cost what-so-ever. You are in control from the beginning and your website can become your kingdom. Learning how to create a website is fun and exciting, just let your imagination flow.

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