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How to make a website even if you’re no computer whizz!

I am certainly no programmer and neither do I know how to make a website. Now, for a person who does not know how to make a website, it can be a troublesome affair to dive into the deep end of the world of websites and online portals. To my credit though, I took the risk and decided to give it a shot. After all, who would not want his or her business to grow by leaps and bounds just by going ahead to create website? Let me tell you a little about my profession. I own a little shoe shop and I have 12 workers working under my supervision. We design and fabricate all types of shoes for men and women; leather boots, hiking boots, high-heeled shoes, elevator shoes, and pencil heels (quite popular amongst the ladies). Most of our customers are from our town; rarely do I see anyone dropping in at my shop from some other city, never mind a state that is further away.

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My clients always happy with our services and they say we are the best in business. Still, we have not made any real progress in terms of revenues or growth in recent years. After discussing this with my intelligent wife, Bunny, I decided to try the world of internet business, or as it is often called, e-commerce. Therefore, we decided to move into the WWW world and try our luck there. The first thing that we had to do was to create website but how to make a website? I certainly had no idea. In fact, the real question was how to make a website without investing big bucks? In order to create website, I was informed, I would be hiring a website designer. I inquired from a few designers as how to make a website, and how much would they charge to create website. The technical stuff they talked about went over my head and I still could not get me head around how to make a website.

Just as I was trying to figure out how to make a website, a dear friend of mine informed me about the BlueVoda website builder tool which could be used to create website. He told me that the BlueVoda website builder is the best of all the website design tools out there. I was not ready to believe this until I could see the BlueVoda website builder work for me and helping me create website without any trouble.

How to make a website, then? I went to the homepage of the BlueVoda website builder and breezed through the demo video to understand how to make a website. The video helped me understand the nuances involved in website building. After checking the reviews of the BlueVoda website builder on various forums, I finally decided to use it to create website for my business. When I started using this website builder, I was quite shocked to see the ease with which I could create website, without much external help. The drag and drop feature of this website builder was just fantastic. There were hundreds of pre-designed web templates that I could choose from to create website with, just dragging them into place. The BlueVoda website builder also let me install flash and all manner of other jazz on my website. My wife was quite particular about the look and feel of the website, while I was more concerned about the functionality. The BlueVoda website builder helped me create website that gave me the best of both- look and functionality. So if you’re reading this and wondering how to make a website, well, with the BlueVoda website builder, the job will be easy.

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