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The internet, like many other media, caught my attention as a powerful platform to use to advertise my business. I am not well read at all as far as the subject of ‘how to make a website’ is concerned. I must also admit that since the day I learned about making money online through a website, I have been wondering as to how to make a website. Secretly, I would look at articles on the Internet that would discuss the topic of how to make a website. My children are quite smart (maybe smarter than I am); they know at least a thousand times more about the Internet as an avenue for making money. Once, over dinner, I was discussing about expanding my business via the Internet, when my little daughter (fourteen!) suggested me causally: “Dad, why don’t you create website?”

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I was surprised at her intelligence. Later, I talked to her about her idea, and she came up with smart ideas that were worth trying and thus started my search for a website builder to create website. The question was not just ‘how to make a website’, but also how to find the right tool to help me create website that would have all the components I needed. I was in no mood to spend time and money hiring and supervising a website designer and/or a programmer to create website. Since childhood, I have been fascinated by tools and ideas that could help achieve more in less time and my love for automation drove me to the website of the BlueVoda website builder. The BlueVoda website builder, at first, looked like yet another website builder to me which would have the limited features I found in its contemporaries. I wondered if I could discover how to make a website using the BlueVoda website builder. The video present on the home page of BlueVoda website helped me understand how to make a website using this website builder and it looked perfectly possible and was inspiring.

Suspicious as I was, I did not stop my search for reviews and testimonials about this website builder. I always kept this question in mind: Why should I choose the BlueVoda website builder over other similar programs to create website? In fact, I asked people who have used this website builder the question of how to make a website that is as professional as the ones I have admired are, using this automated tool. I asked myself what does it take to create website? Most articles on the Internet suggested understanding of HTML coding and/or designing to create website. Moreover, most automated programs I tried to create website with were so complex to use that I would not have the courage to use them anymore.

What I liked about BlueVoda is that it had no technical complexities. The language used to show the user how to make a website was incredibly easy, so easy that even an amateur like me could understand it and implement the workflow to create website. The functionality of BlueVoda simply bowled me over. I could use hundreds of web templates through the convenient drag-and-drop feature, and implement a number of designs to create website. BlueVoda taught me how to make a website without prior knowledge of programming languages and at the end of the day the BlueVoda website builder has helped me win more and more clients. If you ask me today how to make a website, I will smile knowingly.

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