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The BlueVoda website builder has changed Nicole’s life. To her it seemed like yesterday that she was a girl who just loved making greeting cards. She was an excellent artist and got many compliments on her cards too but that just wasn’t enough as she had a family to support. She badly wanted to make a job of it but no one was ready to give her a chance and buy a significant amount of her greeting cards. She found that people tended to go for big brand names and any customers she did get were few and far between. One day William, a customer/friend of Nicole’s asked her the question of a lifetime: “Why don’t you create website of your own and sell your cards on the Internet?” he asked; then told her about the BlueVoda website builder.

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Nicole did not have any particular knowledge about the workings of the Internet; she only knew what she had learnt in school which she had left a while back, to shoulder responsibilities. William told her that with the BlueVoda website builder she could create website very easily and there really was no need to have any kind of expert web design knowledge. William helped Nicole to download the BlueVoda website builder software and after installing it, they came face to face with the work area to create website. The workspace had almost unlimited pre-designed templates, web page backgrounds, images and logos for it. William told Nicole that was all very easy; it needed no special knowledge or the expertise to design templates. It was all given there and she simply had to drag and drop the desired icons on the work area like images, text and shopping carts etc. “With features like these who would worry about not knowing how to create website?” William said. Nicole also had the assistance of video tutorials provided by BlueVoda website builder to create website.

William told Nicole that with the BlueVoda website builder she could create website with multiple pages. After taking her on the BlueVoda website builder tour, William told Nicole she’d get the best results she wanted by going ahead to create website on her own. The customer support were there to help her out and with her wonderful imagination skills, she was able to create website within just a few days thanks to the BlueVoda website builder and what a fantastic website it was! Just what Nicole needed to sell her cards from. Nicole’s happiness knew no bounds. She had a website of her very own and most importantly she had learnt how to create website. Nicole applied for a web hosting account and William helped her to upload images of all her marvelous greeting cards to her website. By the next morning, her website was up, live on the Internet for all to find.

The BlueVoda website builder provides unlimited shopping carts for customers. Nicole put price tags on her cards and opened her collections to online shoppers. Wow! She got a fantastic response. Within two weeks, her cards began selling really well and she was taking some large orders. She was getting rave reviews about her artistic and imaginative abilities and the designs that she had adorned her greeting cards with. William told Nicole that she could create as many websites as she wanted with BlueVoda. In time, Nicole became a pretty successful brand in the greeting card industry. Most importantly, she had discovered how to create website and could do so again, whenever she needed. She was able to fulfill all her family responsibilities with extreme ease. Recently, Nicole’s blog signed off saying “Life is beautiful”. Yes indeed, life is beautiful, with BlueVoda website builder.

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