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Master the Basics of Creating a Website

For years, I have relied on my friends in choosing the best website builder for my arts and crafts website but every time I try using the website builder that they’ve suggested, I felt as if some things were not quite right. So, I realized that to be able to create website efficiently, I needed to do it all by myself, from scratch. However, being the noob website builder that I am when it comes to programming, it was all too overwhelming for me.

Then, I stumbled upon the website builder BlueVoda. It is a WYSIWYG software that works with just point and click. This in fact excited me so I immediately tried it out. True enough, I started figuring out how to use it properly and eventually, I was able to master the basics – create website, point and click, and at last, publish just like a pro website builder!

This website builder should be downloaded and installed onto your computer but compared to others, BlueVoda doesn’t have in-browser editors and can be used offline to create website – which is kind of a good thing for those who loves working offline. I have enumerated the things that I like about BlueVoda, which I hope can help you decide whether it is the best website builder for you to create website.

Very Easy to Use:
This website builder may not have an exceptional interface but its control panel is simple and intuitive, which makes it easy to navigate when you create website. The toolbar icons remind me of Microsoft Word including the New Page, Copy and Paste, Save, etc. Additionally, you can key in numerous features such as login form, images, HTML codes and more. It also lets you to do a lot of customization, which is very useful when you create website. For instance, uploading your website is a lot easier because of its simple FTP interface. It also has drag-and-drop functionality. Another thing I love about this website builder is that I can easily format my page easily with its drop-down selectors. I can easily choose colors, typeface and text size and swap between text styles such as customized formats and headings. It includes selections for page backgrounds and text in dialog and mechanism boxes. I also appreciate the fact that I can add embedded content types into my web page. In general, it is straightforward but it is still recommended to watch video tutorials if you want to learn more to create website.

Numerous Design Options:
If you want to create website from scratch without using templates, this website builder gives you the chance to create website that is different from all the others. While other web builders release numerous new templates every month, BlueVoda maintains its simplicity. On the other hand, if you don’t have time to experiment, you can just go on their Image Gallery and select from their ready-made templates.

It contains several features that can add functionality and services when you create website. These include YouTube, RealPlayer and QuickTime videos. Another thing that I like is the e-commerce functions that you can add through PayPal input function, which eliminates the hassle of going through the whole process of online payment. Also, I was able to put necessary toolbars on my own website such as website support donation, shopping cart and quick-pay buttons.

Customer Support:
I am truly happy that this website builder provides everything I need to create website. It has more than 100 buttons and logos that are readily downloadable for free as well as a lot of video tutorials that offer step-by-step guide on how to create website easily. If you are a new web builder like me, you will be pleased that it provides a community forum and help system where you can communicate with others about how to create website with the website builder. And if you still have questions, a support ticket can be submitted to their site.

I’ve read a lot of positive reviews about BlueVoda and I personally enjoy using it. I can say that it is the most effective website builder that I have tried but just like the others, it is not perfect. Nonetheless, despite its quirks, this website builder is the best for me as it gives me useful and simple system to create website.

After using it to create website, I easily get attached to it due to its consistency and functionality. This website builder provides plenty of tools and a lot of opportunity for customization. And of course, aside from its many features, the price is definitely worth it.

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