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I am a businessman running my little bookstore. I started my business quite some time ago and in a span of the first two years I managed to establish it quite well. I am a workaholic and I always keep on thinking up new ways to expand my work. What struck me a few months ago was: why not create a website and also sell books online? Given the current trend towards online shopping, I realized a professional business website for my book store could be the first step towards giving my business a much needed advantage. Hence I decided to create a website for my business which was a little daunting at the time as I had absolutely no idea how to make a website.
My budget was a constraint and I did not want to spend much on this because I was not sure if the online store would be successful. I needed to find out how to make a website all on my own. I knew that many free web site creating tools were available out there and so I started with my research on the net. After some research online, I came across an inimitable free html editor that was claiming to be a one stop solution for “how to make a website” called BlueVoda. It said I could create a website in 30 minutes and that it was FREE. It said you could make an e-commerce store too with shopping cart and everything. What more could I want?

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After reading in detail through the BlueVoda html editor site, I was glad I had found it to create a website for my online bookstore site. Finally I downloaded this html editor and give it a try to create a website. The BlueVoda html editor was a hit from the word GO. Anyone can learn how to make a website using this tool. I guess even my son Jason could create a website for his soccer team using this html editor.
I could easily use this html editor to create a website and frankly as I was designing my site, I became a big fan of this tool. The BlueVoda html editor actually helped me create a website using its easy drag, drop and click options. Even without my previous how to make a website skills, I could have designed my site using this amazing html editor. The result was an absolutely professional site which from no angle did reinstate the fact that it was created by an inexperienced fellow like me.
My how to make a website venture was successful with so many well-designed website templates, images and other web design elements. Integrating the shopping cart functionality and seeing it work perfectly made me feel out of this world. Meanwhile in my create a website venture, BlueVoda also gave me the option of adding web page objects of my choice on the site. Hence I did place ad banners, ad tables, and forms on my website. The entire how to make a website experience with the BlueVoda html editor was truly an exciting, smooth and one that I enjoyed immensely. BlueVoda actually taught me how to make a website that is both professional and attractive.
As I proceeded with my how to make a website project with the BlueVoda html editor I saw how it automatically generated all the web page codes that were to be displayed on my website and guess what; each of these auto generated codes were in standard compliance with the W3C modes. And these codes were optimized as well which marked the difference between the BlueVoda html editor and the other common html editors in the market that promised how to make a website but offered few features.
If you too need an e-commerce site then BlueVoda is the most perfect choice to use to create a website. I didn’t have to pay anything except for some web hosting charges, which were justifiable. This is a great html editor! Great going!!!

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