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I’m a firm believer that miracles truly happen.  My current employment is as an administrative assistant.  I was recently asked, “What would it take to create your own website?”  The question was really an assignment that I was being tasked with.  This wasn’t particularly unusual as my employer has high expectations for his assistants.  However, for this assignment, the job was well beyond my area of expertise.  I didn’t have a clue of how to create your own website.  Not only that, but I didn’t have any information on a web editor that could perform the job.  I curious if there was even a product that would allow me to create your own website without actually having any knowledge of a web editor.
Unfortunately, I had never seen or heard of any software package that allowed you to create your own website or of a web editor that could assist.  I had to admit defeat and move on to other projects.  This is where the whole “miracle” thing manifested.  Working with information on another assignment, I came across information about a website that offered exactly what I was looking for.  BlueVoda (the name of the website), was the web editor that I was looking for.
The prospect of designing a webpage is huge.  Indeed, operating a web editor is not exactly general knowledge either.  One generally needs the required education and experience to be able to create your own website.  I personally looked into other employee’s knowledge of how to operate a web editor.  No one had any information.
This dilemma is solved with BlueVoda. BlueVoda makes the creation of a functional webpage possible for anyone with a computer.  BlueVoda provides all the necessary tools one needs to create your own website.  BlueVoda will instruct you on how to use a web editor with their software.  This is what they claim at least. BlueVoda says no experience is needed.
With any product that claims the seemingly impossible, there’s going to be some doubt.  Create your own website?  Teach someone to use a web editor in easy steps? Right! As the old saying goes, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”  Still, I needed to get a webpage up and running.  After a little deliberation, I finally decided to see if BlueVoda could live up to their claim of teaching someone to use a web editor.
The first thing to obviously do is to go to BlueVoda homepage.  Once there, you immediately get BlueVoda web editor claims.  A video automatically plays detailing how BlueVoda software can be used to create your own website.  I have to give BlueVoda credit, it’s a good presentation.  The video is informative and you will have the definite desire to jump in and create your own website.  While I still needed to know how to use a web editor to complete my assignment, I was developing a degree of self-interest as well.

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When the video finishes, users are instructed to give their name and email address in order for BlueVoda to send a download link for the software package.  Downloading more software to your computer is the price that comes with mastering a web editor.   However, it was easy enough.  Once completed, I received a confirmation email within seconds with the required download link.
Clicking on the link activated a standard download manager.  I downloaded the setup file and then installed the software.  The entire process took about 5 minutes.  I was well on my way to uncovering the details of operating a web editor.
With the software in place, the time was at hand to test whether or not BlueVoda could teach someone to use their web editor.  When the program first loads, a menu with three choices appears.  Users should take note of one thing at this point.  BlueVoda claims that a one will be able to create your own website in about 30 minutes.  This is probably true.  However, for first time users, the process is going to take a little longer.  There is a learning curve on how to use a web editor, even with BlueVoda incredible software.  Users should be prepared to some time to learn their way around.
Fortunately, figuring out how to use this software package is not hard.  Recall the menu with the three choices?  The third choice on the menu is ‘watch tutorials’.  BlueVoda supplies extensive video and written instructions that explain in perfect detail how to use a web editor.  The ability to create your own website is fast approaching.
Most users will find the tutorials to be incredibly helpful on the operation of the web editor.  Users need to become familiar with the various terms used in connection with webpage design.  This will assist the user in understanding the fundamentals as you begin to create your own website on your own.
Once most of the tutorials are completed, users can begin thinking how to use the web editor to design a webpage.  BlueVoda even gives users instruction in the area of design as well.  Once a basic design is conceived and the tutorials have been watched, users have enough information on how to use the web editor to get started.
Once users get to the BlueVoda page creation interface area, they will notice a collection of menu bars.  This is the main operational area of the web editor.  Users shouldn’t get too overwhelmed here.  Everything in the interface is customizable.  Users can opt to have as many or as little menu bars and options as needed.
A second noticeable feature is that the interface set up looks similar to Microsoft applications.  This is intentional.  This makes recognition and navigation that much easier for new and old users alike.  BlueVoda wanted to make this process as easy as possible as users learn how to use the web editor.
One concern that users may have is in the area of graphics. One might think that you need graphical expertise to design, much less create your own website.  This would normally ring true, but not with BlueVoda at ones disposal.  BlueVoda makes it simple for those users who are only armed with the basics of how to use the web editor.  BlueVoda provides a surplus of templates and designs to use.  Users should be able to find just about any design they need; making the web editor operations that much easier.
BlueVoda provides the tools needed for adding anything that might be of interest or found on a webpage.  Banners, photo galleries, etc. – BlueVoda has the means to satisfy the web editor process.  BlueVoda has all the bases covered on how to use a web editor.  Users will be pleased with BlueVoda web editor software package.
BlueVoda is a winner.  There’s no better way to put it.  BlueVoda has made the seemingly overwhelming job of using a web editor feasible.  With BlueVoda, you can actually create your own website.  BlueVoda software is incredible.  Additionally, their support during the web editor process is phenomenal.  BlueVoda adequately provides users with detailed tutorials and instructions on how to use their web editor software.  With a minimum investment of time and effort, I was able to accomplish my assigned job (create your own website).  BlueVoda was the solution to my dilemma of how to use a web editor.

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