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Greetings to all who want to know about website design and how to build a website. I’m feeling pretty excited ‘bout writing about the BlueVoda website builder. I think it is kinda my responsibility to write about this website builder after using it as it really helped me out. I am from a pretty remote place and we don’t have many facilities for accessing the internet. Moreover, I really have very little knowledge of website design and how to build a website. The truth of the matter is that, without having any idea about website design and how to build a website, I managed to get mine up on the internet with the help of BlueVoda.

I’ve had a great interest in the internet from my childhood and wanted to know more about its workings from when I was at school. I already mentioned that it is very hard to get a regular Internet connection in my country, but my parents managed a connection for me to use. I had my tool and start the journey through Internet. After finishing my college, I realize that I have to do some real work that would allow me some money. That internet seemed the best place for earning money with very little investment.

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I am a pretty regular photographer and love to snap photos of nature all around me. I’ve loads of photos and as such had a huge resource for starting a business and thus, I decided to sell my photos on the internet. In the beginning, I tried to manage some stock photo site, but failed. This happened because all of them wanted too big a percentage from per sale. At this moment I decided to learn about website design and how to build a website for myself, but this is really hard for me to do. I needed a good software website builder.

I realized that it is needed to have a really good website to continue my business. I researched some related sites and established a plan for having my own website. I was in contact with a website builder to create my website according to my needs but when they heard about my requirements and forward me a quote for the total work, the price asked by the website builder would have been impossible for me to manage as I had no regular source of income. At this moment I again realized that I’d have to study website design and indeed how to build a website.

After some days, I’d searched the Internet to find a technique of website design that would help me discover how to build a website. In doing this, I found a review about a website builder named BlueVoda that helped a great deal with website design and how to make a website. It’s free so I downloaded the software just to check it out. In the very beginning, I found it a little tricky but not very. I really don’t understand about website design and how to build a website using this software but I downloaded its video tutorials from the site. I watched them a few times and followed their instructions. That straightened things out. BlueVoda has really increased my knowledge of website design and how to build a website. I did face a few problems and I posted on the forum. Believe me, every time I got my answer very quickly. I completed the foundation work on my site within a week using this website builder. This out-standing website builder also helped me a lot to publish my site and all files to the Internet.

I find BlueVoda website builder to be a really helping a hand and it has guided me to learn about website design and how to build a website. I highly recommend this website builder to all who want to know about how to build a website in a fast and easy way.

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