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If you want to get noticed online then you need to think uniquely to create a website and to do so you will be in need of a website builder that really does make sense of the word “Unique”. I was also in a search of software or application that could help me to build my own website that would be unique and that would be preferable to the majority of the visitors. I had searched for the how to create a website and then found about top ten websites. One of those applications was BlueVoda website builder which was ranked #1.

I thought I should consult with a friend of mine first to ensure its reliability. So I asked him for help and he recommended BlueVoda is the most user friendly website builder and he also mentioned that he always uses them to create a website for his clients. He does freelance work as website designer. The most interesting thing is he does not even know the ABC of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS etc. I have attended courses on such programming languages but do not know how to build websites. He explained to me that with the help of a website builder you can easily create a website and there is no need of learning languages or other procedures.

I was greatly thrilled and enthusiast to create a unique featured website as I am a writer and needed to create an online portfolio for my skills and to promote my writings. For this reason, went to the website of BlueVoda and downloaded the website builder in my PC so that I could start with my project to create a website of my own. When I clicked the download button the website required an email address with my name so that I would be provided with a safer download link. Then I went to my inbox and downloaded the website builder and had it installed in my PC. When I started with the software I saw there were a variety of tools already made available for anyone without any knowledge of websites to create a website.

Frankly speaking firstly I was taken aback and I was completely unaware of the interface and did not understand what should I start with in this website builder? Then I saw there were video tutorials to help in every situation which really helped me in the first step to create a website.

There was a blank board where I could start mocking up with my website and I did. Firstly I just copied and pasted the images which needed to be in my website and then added the built in buttons from the toolboxes in the website builder. Suddenly I noticed there were some e-commerce related tools also included in the toolbox then a new idea came in my mind. The idea was I could sell all my stories and other writings online with the help of a PayPal account. For this reason I thought I need to create a website with selling features. Then I added the PayPal payment, subscription and add to cart button to my website and designed a new page for selling my articles and stories.

I found lots of other features that really amazed me. The features in this website builder included the full modification of my website. To create a website I would have been in need of a website hosting company which was another menace. While I was searching for web hosting solution to create a website then my friend came and saw me doing this. He asked me to use the “BlueFTP” another service of BlueVoda. He showed me the way how I could save all my website contents in this website builder if I need to create a website. I have been operating my website for so long and I think I have never got opportunity to complain against this website builder. But I do not know why people post complaining reviews while they have been provided with such great service and helping to create a website uniquely. I believe that if I get chance to prove all myself as a web designer then I would really be thankful to BlueVoda because without the help of this website builder I would not have been able to create a website on my own and would have had to pay a fortune to someone to do it for me.

It is my pleasure to always promote BlueVoda to be the best website builder. One more recommendation I would like to leave that is if you need to judge this website builder and you need to create a website then you should better experience it yourself. To create a website you do not have to evaluate the performance of this website builder all you need is the software and install it.

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