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Annie started working when she was very young; she took whatever came her way with the result that she found herself working at a job that was not very lucrative and did not provide her with a good career path.  A part of her job was to organize events and parties for her company.  Annie found that she enjoyed making arrangements for parties and events.  She, of course, had to follow the broad outlines given to her, but most of the nitty gritty of making events successful was left to her and she loved creating schedules that helped her to organize successful events.  Eventually Annie, found the man of her dreams, married him and left the job to raise a brood of children.  Time passed quickly, her family grew up and they did not need her full time attention. Annie thought of starting an event management company from her home, but she had lost touch with business associates and did now know how to attract the prospective clients.  Her husband said that a colleague’s daughter started a business of making garments with the help of a website builder that provided all the tools that helped her to create website to advertise her services.  He got the name of the website builder ‘BlueVoda’ and asked Annie to give it a go to create website that would advertise her event management business. Annie was not enthusiastic in the beginning, but wanted to please her husband and decided to find the website builder he mentioned and create website.

Thanks to her tech savvy children Annie knew her way through the intricacies of the internet and digital world and was soon able to find the website builder and look at the tools provided there that are likely to help to her to create website.  To her surprise, she found a library of tools that contain templates for logos, website background, there was enough material to design and create website. Soon Annie spent all her spare time working with the help of the website builder to create website.  Her family started calling it “Mum’s Project” and pitched in with their own ideas to help her create website for her newly formed event management business.  The website builder had the simple option of drag and drop, and enough ideas to create website that represented her personality.  Annie found that she was able to create website that was unique, functional and not very technical.  The website builder gave her options to create as many pages as she wants or create websites afresh.  Annie decided to have a main website and keep the idea of having unlimited number of websites on hold.  She became very confident of negotiating through the instructions provided by the website builder. Mum’s Project was soon complete thanks to all the web designing tools provided by the website builder.  It had a colourful background, enough pictures and details to lure in prospective customers and the successful web designer was ready to launch her creation on the internet.  Annie discovered that the website builder provided an option to go live on the internet by paying a nominal sum of money, she paid the money and soon her website went live on the Internet.

The family woke one morning to discover that their stay at home mother had become a successful business woman.  Her career as a successful event manager was doing very well, and she was able to hire temporary staff to help her with the business activities.  Annie enjoyed the process of putting together ideas to create website that reflected her personality with the website builder. She helped her daughter to create website through the help of the website builder to advertise her services as a baby sitter.  She was inundated by her friends and their children who urged her to help them build websites with the help of her friendly web site builder.  Clients, after looking at her website also asked for her to help to create websites of their own.  Annie decided to start another business venture to create websites for her clients with the help of the website builder.  She spends her free time exploring the library provided by BlueVoda website builder to gain more knowledge of material provided at the site.  She has started a new business to help her clients negotiate the instructions provided by the website builder and create websites of their own.  The stay at home Mum is now called Tech Savvy Mum by her brood and their friends and is doing very well in both her business ventures.

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