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The BlueVoda website builder is a fantastic tool to build website. I did not know how to build website but BlueVoda website builder taught me how to build website so easily. Reading is my hobby and I spend all my time in reading but my problem was that I live in a small town where there are not many books. There are no book shops or library. The people don’t read and rightly so because now technology is dominating with the arrival of Television, mobile and computers. I decided to start a library cum restaurant, a restaurant where people would be able to read books. I was in need of money also and this was the best way to fulfill my wishes too. I wished that my fellow town people would be able to discover the goodness of reading. It came out to be a very elegant restaurant.

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But the problem was how to popularize it. I decided to take the help of technology to free the people from the chains of technology. I decided to build website for my restaurant but how to build website was the problem. I searched and came to know that automated website maker help you to build website. But the website maker I came across were unable to teach me how to build website as they were very complicated and costly. I was disappointed by the useless website maker, and then one day I saw the advertisement of BlueVoda website maker on the Internet. I decided to check out BlueVoda website maker and all my disappointment vanished in thin air. BlueVoda website builder had great features and the website builder was absolutely free to build website. BlueVoda website builder provided unlimited free Web Page Backgrounds, Logos and, Templates to use. BlueVoda website builder provided video Tutorials to teach me how to build website. I immediately downloaded the website builder and installed it on my PC. On opening the BlueVoda website maker, I was taken to a working area like MS Word. BlueVoda website builder provided a Drag & Drop option to position the icons. Thanks to the website maker, I inserted free images and video clips to the website. The Customer Support of BlueVoda website maker helped me at every step.

With the help of BlueVoda website maker, I was able to build website within a few hours. I uploaded the details, the images of my restaurant and my video clip. What a beautiful website it was! I was so proud of myself. I took a web hosting account as it was necessary for the activation of my website. The next day, my website was streaming live on the net.

But I waited nervously for the response from my fellow natives or I would say hostile beings to the world of books. BlueVoda website maker had done its job. Now it was up to the people to accept or leave this blessed opportunity. Soon people started coming to my restaurant and even started browsing the book shelf. And some weeks later, I had gathered avid readers in my restaurant and books became a topic of discussion. This awakening in the people saw the opening of many book shops in our town. I’m enjoying my life here now but I cannot forget the contribution of BlueVoda website builder. Really this website builder is great!

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