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I used to think to create a website is only achieved by professionals and in order to design website you need to find a website builder which is in sync with your capacity and creativity. I know how difficult it is to find the perfect website builder which can help you design website without the need to master the difficult HTML jargon, scripts and what not. BlueVoda has the best tool to create a website which is exactly what you are looking for. So what are the most important advantages of using BlueVoda to create a website? Firstly, anyone can design website with it. You don’t need to learn scripts and HTML codes associated to create a website. Secondly, to start to create a website with this website builder is 100% free!

I used BlueVoda to design website for my bakery. I was a complete novice when I started to create a website but see how even I can boast today of having a fully functional website without having to pay a professional to design website for me. Since, my website is for home-made baked products, I wanted to give a homely feel to it. Hence I designed it myself. This website builder allows you to choose from predesigned templates. Not only that, you can use your full creativity to design website while using this website builder. You can download many logos and pictures from the website builder’s library and make your website unique and original. There are many predesigned styles for headers and which you may use or else modify as you like. To create a website with BlueVoda is fun and easy. My website has a personal touch to it but it is as good as any professional one too with all the necessary features like PayPal, guestbook, etc. I even added videos of the baking process to assure my customers about the health and hygiene issues. Besides the videos, the website builder helps you add other media such as sounds and pictures as well. And you know what’s even more awesome about this handy website builder? You can design website really fast. This is because of the drag and drop interface which takes very little time to master. However, you are not alone in this. The website builder has tutorial videos related to create a website. In the community forum, we can know more about effective ways to create a website and have information and tips which help you design website better and faster. Try this website builder today and gain experience to create a website that you will treasure.

A friend of mine Nicole had started a new business 8 months back. She sells handbags for women. She never thought she would need a website because her “business” was not a big company; it is a one woman show. Moreover, she did not have the money to pay a professional designer to design website. However, she soon experienced a slump in sales because there was a distinct gap between what she designed and what her customers actually wanted. So she wanted to survey current and potential customers to improve her bag designs. It is indeed difficult to go door to door and collect the information she needed. It became obvious that she badly needed to design website which would enable her to publicize her business and also survey her customers.

I had advised Nicole to download BlueVoda free website builder and design website by herself, which to her sounded like a crazy idea at first because she didn’t know a word about how to create a website. So she kept looking for website builder for dummies. Then I told her again to investigate BlueVoda as they claim that one can design website in less than 30 min using it! First she thought it is a hoax but then she read a lot of positive reviews about this website builder by users who have accomplished to create a website in a really short time and my website was also living proof.

When Nicole first started using this website builder, she felt it is solely God’s gift to her. Everything was so simple and easy the website builder was able to provide her with everything that she wanted for her website. She loved to just click the buttons to custom design website with all the things she wanted. She included a survey form for her customers, a guest book. She also added many payment methods; add cart features and tables which included price list of my products. She transferred her creativity from bags to create a website. Using the already available styles, loads of free website background, images and headers provided by the website builder and blending her own creativity, she was able to design website in a very short time and she did marvel at her own way to create a website. Not only did I like her final website design but her friends did too, as they are now pressing her to design website for them. She doesn’t mind doing it because to create a website with BlueVoda is fast, easy and fun.

However, don’t take BlueVoda lightly just because it makes it easy for people like us to create a website by eliminating the need to write codes. This mighty website builder has advanced features like RSS feed and allows search engine optimization through insertion of Meta tags. One can design website which has videos, flash media, etc as well. However, I must say that the related tutorials of BlueVoda to create a website help a lot. Moreover, I communicate frequently with the BlueVoda community through the website builder’s VodaTalk support forum. The helpful users give many innovative ideas to design website effectively.

Now when I look back I wonder how stupid I was when I was being lazy to design website for my bakery shop. This software to create a website has helped me enhance my online presence and improve communication with my customers. So if you are looking for software to create a website, download this website builder instantly. It is small and very easy to install. Then you can design website pouring all your creativity and when done, publish it using VodaHost at a very cheap monthly fee. I rate this website builder with 11 on a scale of 10. Why? Because to create a website can’t get any easier than this!

Finally, as a user I want to say that you will find many website builders which you can use to design website for personal or business purpose but be ready to spend considerable amount of time for getting a grip of those website builders. I tried a few but gave up in frustration and now I consider myself lucky that I found BlueVoda. So explore how to create a website today using BlueVoda, design website and go online on the same day!

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