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I needed to learn how to build website when I realized that I was losing a lot of business because I did not have one. I used BlueVoda website builder software and produced an excellent website which is now making money for me. If I had used a professional website maker, than I would have had to pay thousands of dollars for just the same result.

I was very apprehensive about learning how to build website however a friend suggested that I use BlueVoda website builder software as it does all the hard work for you but still produces the same results, as if a human website maker had done the project.

I downloaded the BlueVoda website builder software and was relieved to find website maker tutorials which explained everything in depth. How to form a page, how to add images, how to add videos, changing fonts and texts. I also looked at the forum which had other members who were also learning how to build website.

I was still nervous however decided to start up the BlueVoda website builder software as the only thing that I could lose was time. The website maker user panel appeared in front of me and by reading the build website tutorials I learned that the whole system was simply drag and drop.

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I also delved into the BlueVoda website builder library where I found hundreds of free images, templates, background, headings and logos that I could use; using this type of website maker software actually made learning how to build website fun.

I learned how to build website with three pages and I was even able to dedicate a whole page to a contact form that actually worked. Even though BlueVoda website builder software had really helped me, I was still nervous about uploading my site to the World Wide Web. I wished that I could use a human website maker at this point but my budget would not allow me to.

It turns out my fears were unfounded as all it took was two clicks to make my site live. Looking at my site on the World Wide Web, I could not believe that I had learned how to build website and produce such good results and all because of BlueVoda website builder software. I don’t mind admitting that I think my site is just as good as another site made by a professional website maker.

I also used the BlueVoda website builder forum to learn SEO techniques that would help me to get my website to the front pages. If someone had told me six months ago that I would learn how to build website by using a free website maker and then learn SEO to get it to the front pages, well I would of told them they were mad. I never knew the first thing about how to build website.

The biggest benefit about using BlueVoda website builder software is that I have total control over my site. I do not need to ring a professional website maker when I want to make changes; I simply go back into the website builder tutorials, find out how and then do it. Thank you to BlueVoda website maker for helping me to build website.

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