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I used website builder BlueVoda to help promote my local charity. It was the local dog shelter and they were in danger of shutting down because of lack of donations. I needed to do something to help them because I was a dog lover and all my pet dogs had come from there. My son told me that everything was done on the Internet these days however I had no idea of website creation or how to design website.

I obtained quotes from professional people who did website creation for a living however they ran into hundreds of dollars of which I could not afford. Together with my son we found website builder BlueVoda on the Internet and they promised to help with learning how to design website at no cost.

I had nothing to lose so downloaded the website builder BlueVoda and set about reading their online tutorials on website creation. The tutorials are all hosted online and they explain everything that you need to know about design website.

I was quite impressed with what the website builder BlueVoda was promising and could see results from other people in the BlueVoda website creation forum. The other members were all people like me who were learning how to design website.

I was finally ready to get started on the website builder BlueVoda and opened the user panel where all the work is done. The website creation user panel is a simply drag and drop system that I found easy to understand. Design website is also easy as they have a free library of templates, headings, backgrounds, logos and pictures. All I had to do was insert them.

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The website creation user panel also enabled me to change the fonts and add graphics as well as pictures of the dogs in the shelter. On another page, I added a contact form that would allow people to get in contact with the shelter to find out how to make a donation. Design website was not that hard when you are using the website builder BlueVoda software.

After I had finished with the website builder BlueVoda software, I sat back to inspect my work and I was quite impressed. By following the website creation tutorials, I was able to make up some very impressive web pages. So the design website part was over, I just needed to know how to publish my new site to the World Wide Web.

It turned out there was nothing to worry about as the BlueVoda website creation tutorials also help you to do this within just two clicks. Not only do they take care of design website but the website builder software also allows you to make it finally become real.

By using the website builder BlueVoda software, I was able to design website that has bought in hundreds of dollars of donations. It turns out that anyone can get into website creation and I did actually wonder if the professionals use software like that as it takes out all the hard work of learning HTML.

If you want to design website then don’t think it is beyond your abilities. Just use software like the website builder BlueVoda and you can create any website that you dream of. Website creation has been bought to the average man on the street thanks to BlueVoda.

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