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I turned to website builder BlueVoda when I needed to promote my local business. I had just started up and knew that website creation cost a lot of money. A friend suggested to me that I learn how to design website and make my own.

Design website myself was my only option as all quotes that I had gained about website creation ran into thousands of dollars. At least with website builder BlueVoda, my only cost would be the monthly hosting fee.

I was very nervous about learning how to design website but my friend told me that a six year old child could use website builder BlueVoda because it was that easy. I had nothing to lose and began the first step of website creation by downloading the program from the BlueVoda website.

While I was waiting for the download of website builder BlueVoda, I come across their online tutorials that explained website creation from A to Z. There was no longer any need for me to feel nervous as the tutorials gave, step by step instructions on how to design website.

I also stopped by the website builder BlueVoda forum and took a look at what other people had produced when they were learning how to design website. I was amazed at some of the website creation and couldn’t believe that they were done by novices who had no experience what so ever.

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All this gave me confidence and I opened the user panel for the website builder BlueVoda. It was a simple drag and drop system and there was a huge library of free templates, images, logos, headings and backgrounds that would help when it come to website creation. No wonder my friend said that a child could design website with BlueVoda as the system does it all for you.

I also needed to add a lot of images and was able to do this using a carousel system that website builder BlueVoda forum recommended. I had also learned from the forum that part of good website creation is on page SEO and I was able to implement this so easily onto all my pages. Design website is no longer a trade as it seems that anyone can do it themselves.

After I had finished using website builder BlueVoda, I had a five page website that looked professional, was easy to navigate and I was ready to publish it to the World Wide Web. This part of website creation was the most nerving as I had read previously that it involved making up FTP accounts and all sorts that I did not understand. My fears were not needed though, as it turned out that with BlueVoda, design website is not the only thing you can do. Within two clicks, you can also publish it to the World Wide Web.

My site was up and running thanks to website builder BlueVoda. Today my local business is also flourishing from people who click onto my site. I did all that with no knowledge of website creation or how to design website.

The biggest advantage that website builder BlueVoda has given me is the control. If I had paid someone to complete the website creation for me, then I would be forever paying him when I want to make changes. I learned how to design website and keep in control, with a little help from BlueVoda.

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