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A Website Builder That Helped Me Create My Website

I am Sandra, and work online as a tutor for school children. I used to work for commercial enterprises and the salary I was paid at the end of the month was not enough to live a decent life. I worked long hours for months till friends suggested that I create website and start my own business to teach online. They also told me the name of this wonderful website builder who does not charge any money. I am a physically challenged person and am mostly confined to my bed and my wheel chair, online tutoring was my only means of living. A few years back I was working as a teacher in an elementary school and earning enough money to live a comfortable life.  I was engaged to a wonderful man and we were hoping to get married and start a family. I was very happy with my career and my life and searching for website builder to create website was something that were totally alien to my life.

We wanted to buy a small home and my fiancé and I were house hunting. We were driving to see a house when something happened that changed my life.  My fiancé was driving and I was sitting next to him, when the brakes of a heavy truck failed, the driver could not control his vehicle and hit our car. My fiancé died on the spot and I was pinned under the metal.  They had to cut the car open to extract me.  My legs were smashed beyond repair and both legs were amputated. I was in and out of hospital for months and finally I was discharged from the hospital and had to start living a normal life again. While I was in hospital a patient in the next bed told me that she is trying to create website through the help of this easy to do website builder, I started thinking on the same line.  I am a good teacher and the only avenue left for me to use my training as a teacher to go for online teaching. I opted to become an online tutor and work for established companies but I had an idea in the back of my mind to create website and advertise my services. I know I needed an experienced website builder to do it for me. I finally decided to take the plunge and create website on my own with the help of a well known website builder.

I am now a successful online tutor, and my class room is the whole world. I have my own website that highlights the services offered and parents can contact me through my website. I was able to create website through the website builder that my friends recommended.  I had no funds to start an online business even on a small scale and to hire a website builder to create website but with the help of easy instructions given clearly by this wonderful website builder I was able to create website that is both creative and informative. I must say that I enjoyed working on my website.

In the beginning I wanted to create website that is simple and without any frills but as I started exploring the options given by the website builder, I became more and excited.  There were templates, free logos, webpage background and headers. To create website one needs to experiment and get the best result. I went haywire experimenting, mixing and matching logos and thanks to the help provided online by the website builder, was able to create a unique logo for my website. I made another discovery I was given an option by the website builder to create website that has linked pages. The website builder also helped me to select suitable text from the templates that conveys in clear language the services I am offering. I was able to create website that was elegant, informative and looked great. Now I needed it to go live on internet.

Once again the website builder came to my rescue and after paying minimal amount I was able to put on net my very own website. Immediately I was overwhelmed with offers and I was happy to know that I can create websites and put all of them online. The website builder also helped to to create website that also had a direct link to my email box.
I want to tell all those who have suffered sudden tragedies and have become depressed to pick up the threads of your life again. I advise you pick up a new hobby create website through the help of this wonderful website builder and start living again.

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