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Hi I am Patrick, I own an FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods) business with my business partner Christopher, and we have been running a successful business for the past seven years. It was until last year that we were seriously thinking of expanding our business and look into the global marketing, and so we decided to go online with our business and we realized that it became crucial to create website for our company to attract the global crowd. Then we started approaching website builder professionals and programmers who were charging nothing less than nine hundred to thousand dollars to create website. We tried negotiating with many programmers as the fees were really expensive but could not find a suitable rate; few days later one of our friend suggested that we look for an online website builder and while searching I learned about this BlueVoda website builder and as it offered free downloading I thought to give it a try.

My first website building experience was simply great with this website builder. As soon as I entered my email address and name the website offered free download of BlueVoda. The website builder is completely filled with loads of easy tutorial videos which give a step by step guidance on how to create website. The language was so easy and lucid that even a school kid can figure out what to do; where I had to pay hundreds of dollars to programmers to create website, now I was doing it on my own and absolutely free. I am no technical expert and am simply clueless about complex programming language to create website and the related HTML website designing codes. BlueVoda website builder helped me create my website through easy drag and drop, and point and click methods. Never in my dreams had I thought that it could get it this easy.

The website builder gave me full freedom to explore my creative skills and marketing strategies while creating the website. I needed to create website with attractive multiple pages and the website builder has all the needed options to do so. The website builder is stuffed with numerous free background templates, headers, footers, design layouts and logos. The options only got more fun, exciting and creative as I started exploring them. The create website videos actually work as an assistant which explains each and every minute detail. This friendly website builder is certainly developed with state of the art technology, and the designing options included are not only classy, attractive and elegant but are also extremely contemporary.

The image library was simply an amazing place, and actually left me wondering what to choose from those attractive options to create website. I incorporated a lot of designs from the library and so each of my web pages were unique, made to satisfy my specifications (as they were my customized selection) and highly creative. My website was ready in less than an hour as this website builder guided me quickly and swiftly throughout the process and now it was time for publishing. The “one click publishing” option helped me to launch my website on the internet in just seconds, and my partner was extremely proud to see the outcome of the website. This also helped me to add online marketing via cart system in my website, to create website by myself and to add my creative ideas into it with easy steps was highly satisfactory.

Our extremely unique homepage designed using BlueVoda started attracting global crowd as soon as it was launched, and our profit margins soon reached the place where we aimed for. This is surely a one man’s task and after my first hand experience I am pretty sure that anyone can create website using this awesome website builder. The best part does not end here; I soon learned that there are no restrictions to create website using this website builder. I have the option to create website as many as I want to, using BlueVoda. The extremely skilled programmers of BlueVoda have created a complete genius tool to create website. I and my partner are now thinking of creating one more website for our different services and this time Christopher wishes to create website through BlueVoda website builder and I am pretty sure that he is going to do an amazing job as well. We happily recommend this website builder to all interested ones out there to create website. With BlueVoda around, you are sure to receive the professional help and support that will make you successful like us.

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