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I have followed the game of golf passionately all through my life. I played and read about the golf as much as I could. For past 30 years though I did not made big in the game of golf but has accustomed with all finer aspects of the game. I became familiar with various techniques required to play good golf. I started a golf academy to nurture budding stars in the game of golf. With time I found internet to be a very powerful media to get all valuable information about any field. One day a thought went across my mind like a lightening – can I build website of my golf academy? Next thing I did was, I went through various options to build website. For that either I need to know computer techniques required to be a website builder or get a professional website maker on hire to build website. In both the cases I required time and money. I explored ways to build website without spending high amount of money since I was not sure about the amount of money that I would be able to generate money from my website. Search engine helped me get free of charge website builder called BlueVoda. On navigating through the official website of BlueVoda, the website builder, I found that they provide online website maker tool to build website. Not only they left me struggling to know how to use website maker tool, BlueVoda, the website builder, also provided step by step tutorials on how to use website maker tool. I got a tool to build website and simple procedure to use that website maker tool from BlueVoda, the website builder, after that there was no looking back. I went ahead with my mission to build website for golf academy without any hurdles. All my thoughts and experiences about golf were put down in the website created with the aid of website maker tool from BlueVoda, the website builder. Full credit must go to programmers of BlueVoda, the website builder, for developing such a fine website maker tool that has helped not me but thousands of people like me to build website of their imaginations without knowing anything about web designing. Till the time I had no website I was able to train youngsters in golf at my academy and my prospective trainees were from local area. However the day I got my website online, I was able to provide valuable tips to all those who wanted my assistance in polishing their golf game. Now I have people from different geographical region connected with me. BlueVoda, the website builder, has given me golden opportunity to share my golf knowledge with others. I have written all my experiences in the form of an ebook and placed on my website for people interested in polishing their golf skills. The website maker tool from BlueVoda, the website builder, has made it possible. My earnings have increased and life is now much better. Here is my suggestion for all those who want to build website for utilizing immense potential of internet, use website maker tool from BlueVoda, the website builder. In short don’t look beyond BlueVoda website maker tool to build website.

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