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Bluevoda Website Builder Case Study 1

Don wanted to learn how to create a website and indeed create a website for the charity he was working for. It was small charity but they had just got their licenses and wanted to create website to attract many more donations. Of course, because they were a charity, they wanted to invest very little money.

Don downloaded the BlueVoda website builder and had been hard at work with the BlueVoda website builder for not too long at all and had in fact, in just a small space of time, learnt how to make a website himself.

He had been able to create website in style with moving image panels, drop down menus, information request boxes and much more. All this from a man who said he didn’t know the difference between a laptop and a computer.

Don showcased his website on the BlueVoda forum asking for thoughts from the other members. He got some really good encouraging feedback and of course Don is happy because it means that his charity spent absolutely none of their donations on the create website project.

Today Don’s website has over 1000 hits a day, it turns out Don went the full way and also learned marketing techniques. He said it was all possible because of the “ how to make a website ” online tutorials that come with the BlueVoda online website builder. The online tutorials allowed him to make full use of all the features that were available on the BlueVoda website builder including implementing website marketing.

BlueVoda helped a charity to gain more publicity and they learned how to make a website at no cost at all. Don is now an active member of the BlueVoda forum and regularly helps newcomers out with suggestions when they want to know how to make a website.

So, thank you to Don for letting people know the full advantages and benefits that using the BlueVoda website builder can bring them and thank you for his contribution and advice to other members of the BlueVoda forum.

Maria desperately wanted to know if she could create website by using the BlueVoda website builder and how much would it cost her to have a website built. She was a stay at home single mom who wanted to create website to pick up some more cleaning business in the large town that she was living in.

She found that it was not only completely free to create website but also that there was a range of online tutorials to help her learn how to make a website and she could chat with other members who had learnt how to make a website.

Maria joined the BlueVoda forum the very next day, amazed at how the BlueVoda website builder could possibly be free. Other members showed her their websites and gave some hints and tips on learning how to make a website.

One week later Maria posted her website to get some feedback from other members. They were really impressed at what she had done. For her cleaning business she had implemented a calendar where people could book her services online. It was followed with the ability to pay via PayPal. It was a four page website that included some much information and made for very pleasant reading. The colors that she had used were great.

Maria published her web site and set about promoting it. Just the other day she posted on the forum that she was having to take on another member of staff as she had so much work. She was really happy because from learning how to make a website to promoting it the only thing she had to pay for was the hosting costs.

Her friends and family didn’t believe that she had learnt how to make a website so she showed them to the BlueVoda website builder and a few of them are on the forum now with their own websites. One is a family website that everyone uploads photos and uses the chat facility. Another one is Maria’s brother who has used BlueVoda website builder to promote his mechanic business.

Maria regularly posts comments about how to create website with BlueVoda saying how great it is but Maria did it all herself by taking the time to create website with the full features and benefits of the BlueVoda website builder.

Jenni learned how to make a website using the BlueVoda website builder to promote something that was very close to the heart.

She had been a long-term suffer of Anorexia and wanted to create website to build a daily online journal of her suffering and how she coped with the disease. She wanted to tell people of her disease as she had become concerned about the rise of Anorexia in teenagers.

She built it using BlueVoda website builder. It is a five-page website and she updates it daily with how she is feeling. She also has links to societies that help with the disease and a forum facility so girls can talk to each other about what they are going through. Another page allows girls to chat with other sufferers so you could say Jenni learnt how to make a website that is a combination of a blog and a forum.

She used the BlueVoda website builder to create website with her own images, logo and then she used one of the standard templates. Jenni often chats on the BlueVoda website builder forum and her website is getting over 5000 hits a day which shows that it must be doing some good.

She’s amazed at how quickly she learnt how to make a website but she said it was quite easy with the online tutorials on ” how to make a website ” that come with the BlueVoda website builder software. She loves the fact that because she could create website where she can upload her thoughts for the day so quickly and easily.

Jenni is often out and about on her forums encouraging girls that suffer from Anorexia to create website. She says it is a perfect way to make sure there is total control of the disease.  The dedication shown by Jenni to create website was quite remarkable and she deserves two-thumbs-up for learning how to make a website to promote an important cause that certainly needs to be heard.

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