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Jenni learned how to make a website using the BlueVoda website builder to promote something that was very close to the heart.

She had been a long-term suffer of Anorexia and wanted to create website to build a daily online journal of her suffering and how she coped with the disease. She wanted to tell people of her disease as she had become concerned about the rise of Anorexia in teenagers.

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She built it using BlueVoda website builder. It is a five-page website and she updates it daily with how she is feeling. She also has links to societies that help with the disease and a forum facility so girls can talk to each other about what they are going through. Another page allows girls to chat with other sufferers so you could say Jenni learnt how to make a website that is a combination of a blog and a forum.

She used the BlueVoda website builder to create website with her own images, logo and then she used one of the standard templates. Jenni often chats on the BlueVoda website builder forum and her website is getting over 5000 hits a day which shows that it must be doing some good.

She’s amazed at how quickly she learnt how to make a website but she said it was quite easy with the online tutorials on ” how to make a website ” that come with the BlueVoda website builder software. She loves the fact that because she could create website where she can upload her thoughts for the day so quickly and easily.

Jenni is often out and about on her forums encouraging girls that suffer from Anorexia to create website. She says it is a perfect way to make sure there is total control of the disease.

The dedication shown by Jenni to create website was quite remarkable and she deserves two-thumbs-up for learning how to make a website to promote an important cause that certainly needs to be heard.

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