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I am glad I found BlueVoda. I am a blogger, and for the longest time, I had to go through tons of tutorial videos on how to create websites. But I am good with words only. I do not have a background in designing and development, which makes it really hard for me to grasp the coding knowledge required to create website. Even with something like WordPress, it is not easy, since you require some amount of HTML knowledge to really design websites the way you want.

Since tutorials couldn’t help much, the only other alternative to create website was to hire freelancers to make my blog or niche websites. Even freelance website designers charge a lot. Making money as a blogger is tough, and shelling out money to create website does not make much sense. That’s when I found BlueVoda, which is the best way to create website that I have found to date. I have used other website builders in the past, but they just don’t do a very good job if you want to create website that’s at par with the best ones out there.

First, BlueVoda website builder has tons of templates, images, and logos. I was actually able to find the exact images I had in my mind and tweak them to my satisfaction. Second, the pre-designed templates of this website builder let you create website within minutes. I am not even exaggerating here. I was actually able to create website and go live in less than an hour. I haven’t yet found a website builder that’s quicker. And I would be honest here. I was skeptical to begin with, since the BlueVoda website builder comes with so much stuff for free. I actually thought that since it is so fast, the hosting service might be bad. But I was pleasantly surprised.

The hosting service of this free website builder is right on point. I have been using it for more than three months now, and I haven’t encountered down times so far. Perhaps the best part about BlueVoda, which lets you create website quickly and easily, is their superb support team. When I was just getting started with it, I had trouble getting around it. Again, I am technologically dumb. I asked their support team for help, and they were very prompt and patient with their responses.

For anyone who is looking to create website, and is looking for a quick, easy, and free solution, I would recommend BlueVoda website builder. I have made a couple of websites using this website builder, and one of them is actually very complex. It has several pages, interlinked, and plenty of images and customization. But the website builder actually made the process so much easier. For a technoob like me, it cannot get easier than this to create website. It is drag and drop, which means no coding required whatsoever.

You don’t even need to worry about the hosting bit. The tech side of it is taken care of by the support team. All you need is your imagination. You need to know what you want your web portal to look like, before you use BlueVoda to create website. Seriously, you are just limited by your imagination. At least I think so. I haven’t found a website builder that has so much choice in terms of templates and images.

I am very impressed with the website builder, and in my opinion, it is the best way to create website- however complex you want it to be. The website builder even comes up with regular SEO updates, so your website’s rankings keep improving over time. Yes, you would still need some help with the SEO bit, but it can be a great starting point.

I am going to start using the shopping carts offered by the website builder soon. Once my blog picks up traction, I actually plan to start selling products online. Going by my experience with the website builder, and the actual effort it took to create website with BlueVoda, I am pretty sure the shopping carts are going to be awesome too.
Most website builders out there make a promise of letting you create websites within hours. BlueVoda actually delivers on the promise. I am still to try some of the features though, but going by my experience so far, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who does not have much knowledge of what goes into making a website.

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