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Being a tuition teacher, I naturally depend on students for my daily bread. For some time, word of mouth was more than enough to get the necessary publicity and students to teach. However now, I find that my kids have all grown, and no longer need my tutorial services. I however need to have more students for my livelihood.

The only thing I could think of then was to look for some efficient advertising options for my tuition services. I first thought of using the newspaper and television; however these were rather expensive options where ads would appear only for a few days. Obviously, the next option I thought best for advertising my tutorial services was via the internet.

Though I could put up ads in the classifieds and other similar sites, I thought it would be better if I create website highlighting my tutorial services. I thought this was a great idea as I could not only advertise my services, I could also add some testimonials and examples of the type of services I provide on the website.

So I started looking for a web developer to help me create website. Though I found many, none of them seemed interesting to me. Though they could all create website, I was looking for something different that would make my website stand out from the rest.

I do not actually know any programing language, so I couldn’t create website on my own. My friends then suggested I could use the help of one of the many website builder to create website. I thus started my search for a website builder, which was not that encouraging at first as I found that most of the website builders require some basic programming knowledge to use.

However I kept on looking and lucky for me, I stumbled upon a great website builder, BlueVoda. I say this is a great website builder as it is free and because it can be used by anyone to create website. There is no need of knowing any HTML or programming language to use this website builder to create website.

All I had to do was drag and drop the various elements of a web page, and thus create website as per my wishes, ideas and requirements. I thought this website builder would be difficult to operate, as it did not require any programming language to use it. However the many step-to-step video tutorials I found on the website proved me wrong.

The tutorials taught me all there was to use the website builder to create website advertising my tutorial services. Of course, there were times when I had some apprehensions and doubts to be cleared. This was when I just turned to the customer support for help, which I did receive.

I also turned to the website builder’s community forum for help. There was always a few other people on the forum, using the website builder to create website for themselves. I just discussed my problems, and they all helped me resolve and understand the problem.
Designing the website was no problem as the website builder has many website templates for me to choose from to use while I create website. In addition to templates, BlueVoda also has an extensive library of logos and graphics I could use to create website that looked attractive to all those students looking for tuition teachers.

Besides, I did not have any problems hosting my website after I finally managed to create website. This was taken care of by the website builder’s sister concern, VodaHost. With the help of VodaHost, I could upload my website as soon as it was built, to generate traffic and interested students to my tutorial services.

I have to mention, I no longer only teach students to earn my livelihood. With the help of this great website builder, I also earn money building websites for others! Yes, I now need only half an hour to create website and so have been building and selling websites for some time.

As there is no limit to the number of web pages and websites created using the website builder, I now use it to earn my bread and butter. So if you ask me, I will definitely say that this website builder BlueVoda is the best, and should and can be used by anyone who wants to create website to create an online presence.

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