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I am a professional web designer and have been designing websites for some time now. I have a regular clientele I serve and was actually quite happy with the money I earned through my business. However one day, I married (something everyone has to do!), and I slowly found it rather difficult making ends meet. I had to support myself, my wife and of course my parents at home. Though my wife has a job, both her salary and my earnings were just enough to give us a happy life without any luxuries. It was when she got pregnant that I started thinking of doing something to earn more money. The option of a second job was not feasible as I was really busy with my work. I did not have much time to do anything else as I not only had so many work orders to take care of and I also had to help out at home as my wife had morning sickness. The only option I had left was to accept more work orders and complete them on time. Doing this alone was not feasible and I couldn’t afford to hire someone to help me create website. This was when the idea of using a website builder to help me create website struck me.

So I started looking for the right website builder to use to create website. Actually, I did not find it difficult using any website builder as I know all the necessary programming languages and codes. However I needed something that would help me create website without much effort from my part. This was when I stumbled upon the great website builder, BlueVoda. This is a great website builder that anyone can use to easily create website. There is no need of having any programming knowledge to use the website builder as you just have to drag and drop the different elements of the website to create website. This feature makes it possible for both a novice to use the website builder to create website, and professionals like me create website within a few minutes time!

While I usually required at least two to three hours to create website using programming language, now with BlueVoda, I can create website within 20 minutes time! So just imagine with BlueVoda, I could now create at least 3 websites within the same time I used to take to create website on my own. This meant that I could earn at least three times the amount I used to earn creating one website! I have to mention that I like using this website builder to create website not only because it is so easy to use, but also because it is available for free. Yes, I did not spend anything to download this website builder. The only hitch, or rather condition to using BlueVoda to create website is that you have to use their sister concern, Vodahost to host your website. In addition to this, you have to pay a monthly or annual fee for these hosting services. Actually, I liked this feature of the website builder as though I had other hosting services to depend on for hosting my completed websites which were more expensive than Vodahost. Moreover, as the website builder and hosting services are sister concerns, I did not have to worry about compatibility between the two. In addition to this, there are no limitations to the number of websites one can create using this website builder. There are also no limitations on the number of web pages I created and added to my websites. I found this really comforting as I could use the website builder for as long as I required to create website, and as long as I paid for their hosting services.

To all those novices out there thinking of using this website builder to create website, go ahead and use it. Don’t think that you won’t be able to learn how to use the tool to design a website as there are comprehensive tutorials to help you out here. In addition to this, the customer support here is great. If you have any problems or queries to pose about your website, you just have to send your query across and the support team makes sure that they clear up all your doubts. There is also a forum which you can post your queries on about the website builder and some other BlueVoda users will help you out with your problems.

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