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Sam downloaded the BlueVoda website builder just over a year ago. She wanted to create website as she was struggling to win commissions for her art work. She knew it was because she was unable to publicly show a portfolio. She decided to use the BlueVoda website builder as she had no previous knowledge of how to make a website. She planned to use all the BlueVoda how to make a website tutorials that contained video instructions on all aspects of create website, from setting up your first template to publishing the pages on the world-wide web.

Sam did a brilliant job in making use of the features that are available with the BlueVoda website builder. She made her homepage using the BlueVoda create website templates and logos. There were also images available that she uploaded to a gallery to make her site colorful and eye-catching. She then added three other pages.

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The first page was a portfolio of her art work, the second page was her resume and the third page listed all her prices and a PayPal feature for customers to pay for her services direct. There is also an information request box where people can send her work inquiries.

Sam is now well recognized on the internet and she gets quite a lot of customers through her website. She can now afford to have someone run her site for her but she still likes the freedom of being able to go into the cPanel and change anything easily at the touch of a button.

Sam learnt how to make a website in about three days and is often seen on the BlueVoda create website forum giving advice and information to other members on how to make a website by using BlueVoda website builder. Thanks to Sam as her create website promotion has meant a lot of other artists are able to learn how to make a website by using the BlueVoda website builder.

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