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BlueVoda is the world’s best website builder I’ve come across to create website.  I am a MBA student. When I first entered college every aspect of computers was new to me, because I hardly took any interest in my computer class during my school days. Obviously my grades were not good in computers. In my 1st semester, I was given a project in which I had to create website for a company.

When my faculty handed over this project to me I was wondering how I was going to create website. I went to my faculty to seek some help about how to create website but my faculty denied saying that it was taught in my school days how to create website. After that I started searching a website builder to help me to create website. But the website builders were charging so much money that it was away from my reach. I was quite upset as I didn’t know how to create website.

Then one of my friends asked me the reason of my disappointment. I explained to him that I was given a project to create website of a company and I had no idea how to make a website. He suggested to me a website Builder named BlueVoda. I logged on to BlueVoda website builder site. To my surprise it was given in a simple language and step by step instructions were given to create website. I was so happy, as now I did not need to worry about how to make a website. I didn’t know HTML but now without knowing HTML I could create website. I was so happy because the subject “computer” which I hated, now became interesting to me.

More than ever I know now how to make a website. BlueVoda website builder explains to you all the complicated things in such a simple language that you start feeling that to create website is not a difficult task. BlueVoda website builder gives you numerous features to make your website in a simple way. It has many pre-designed logos, background web pages and templates to help you create a grand website. You have to just download and install BlueVoda website builder. Once you click on the icon it will take you to a work area. The work area is just like MS Word and it has innumerable icons which you can easily put on the work area. You just have to drag and drop the icons like inbox, sign in and many others on the work area. The webpage backgrounds and templates are very colorful and modern and suitable for all types of website.

In addition BlueVoda website builder is absolutely free of cost. It takes only a few seconds of downloading and the rest is easy. You can have a great time designing the website playing with myriad colors and your creativity.  Plus the customer care executives are by your side 24/7 guiding you at every step. They are very polite and friendly. I had absolutely no problem. It was like a joyride. I was thrilled when my website got completed. My website was marvelous. I could not believe my eyes. Really it was me who had built this website? BlueVoda website builder had done the trick!

When I completed my project and presented it, everyone was impressed and wondered how was I able to create website and more than that a good quality one. My teacher asked me how did I learn to make a website. I explained to him about BlueVoda the website Builder.

The various processes like adding attachments, updating etc. were easy going with this very website builder. My teacher was so impressed with my work. Now I am so popular in my college that when my juniors get any projects in website designing and they face problems how to make a website they come directly to me. I explain to them the easy way to create website by downloading the software from BlueVoda website builder. Now my teacher always assigns me the project to create website.  I also learned that you need to purchase a web hosting account to bring your website on the net live and this you can do now with just a click and a very low monthly fee!

I am thankful to BlueVoda, the website builder which demonstrated to me how to make a website in a simple manner. With the help of BlueVoda website builder, now I know how to create website and I’m able to help others also. Thank you BlueVoda!

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