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To design website or not- this would, before now at least, always leave me confused. I knew, or thought anyway, that to design website one would require a team of developers and designers. While a website designer looks after the look and feel of the website, a developer codes the website using programming languages and HTML. To make a website for my card shop, I needed at least one designer and developer. I worked out the costs involved and believe me I could not dare take the next step. Not because I could not pay for it but because somewhere in the back of my mind I knew there must be an alternative to hiring developers to design website. And I found the answer in BlueVoda website builder. Finally, there was a website creation tool that did not used marketing gimmicks to lure users. The BlueVoda website builder helped me in many ways.

I desired a website builder to design website that was simple to understand. BlueVoda website builder was amazing simple as I did not have to learn HTML coding or any other technical stuff to design website. I expected the website creation tool to be user friendly so that I don’t have to search for buttons to design website. Again, BlueVoda website builder won my trust as it had an amazingly simple and convenient to use user-end. To design website, not one, but many website templates are tested. BlueVoda website creation platform offered me unlimited web templates (pre loaded) to design website.

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Most website creation tools are complicated to use as they are meant for people who have prior knowledge of website development. Unlike such complex website creation programs, BlueVoda uses drag and drop functionality to help amateur people like me design website with ease. You must be aware that a web developer charges the client on per page basis. In other words, if x$ is the cost of one web page, he would charge the client 20x$ for a website of 20 web pages. BlueVoda website builder scores here too as it allows the creation of unlimited web pages at no extra charge. Hence, I was able to build up a website of over 50 web pages very quickly; next to instantly.

Website creation is not a child’s play as it involves intricate designs, and detailed analysis from the viewpoint of the user. Using BlueVoda website builder, I was able to dismiss this notion. For website creation, I relied on BlueVoda website builder. And guess what, I could never have been happier. Once the process of website creation was complete, it was time to publish my website on the World Wide Web. BlueVoda website creation tool helped me here too. There was a one click publishing button in BlueVoda website builder that published my website on the Internet almost instantly. With BlueVoda website builder, I learned how to design website without using a developer or designer. In other words, website creation sing BlueVoda became a routine affair for me.

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