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Zoe wanted to create a website where she could give study tips, study material and any other assistance she could that would help her students with their classes and exams but just didn’t know how to go about it. She knew that she didn’t just want to make paper hand-outs – they we’re too easily thrown away. It was when she came across BlueVoda website builder, which not only helped her to create website, but that too without straining her pocket in the least that she knew what she must do. To her surprise the BlueVoda website builder assisted her to create website without costing her any money at all. The BlueVoda website builder allows you to create website for FREE.

Just by entering her name and email at the BlueVoda site, Zoe received a link to download the BlueVoda website builder to create website of her own. Without wasting any time, Zoe was able to create website to help her students with study notes, articles, mock tests and other important stuff. She added all the features to aid her students study from the comfort of her own home as well as their own homes.

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The simple and easy BlueVoda helped Zoe to add a feature that allowed students to ask questions by e-mail and get a reply from her. The great thing was that the test scores students in her class increased greatly after her site was built. Her students loved to download notes, practice assignments and tips from her website. In fact, the website also offered a platform for addressing any grievances her students might have and also for sharing students’ likes and dislikes. Zoe was able to understand her students better and she took full advantage of it and altered her teaching style accordingly.

The surprising part for Zoe was that some of her students, who were occasionally shy to interact with her in class, had become active part of the community on her website. She became friends with all her students and helped them to work on their improvement areas. She is thankful to the BlueVoda website builder that assisted in creating website that allowed her to bond better with her students. None of her students get low grades since she has introduced her site with the help of BlueVoda website builder. The various features on Zoe’s sites include: chat, query forms for students and parents, online assignments, a “to-do” calendar and not to forget links to online book shops too.

The BlueVoda website builder helped Zoe make her site using a simple drag and drop tool; it couldn’t have been simpler and that’s a good thing because Zoe did not know any website programming techniques. Using the various interesting features contained in the BlueVoda website builder, she added images and themes related to the subject of the page to create website with a colorful, vibrant look too. Without to much bother, Zoe is able to update her website anytime. She has not just been able to create website and she can stay in touch with her students even when they are off on their vacations.

Gone are the days when her students’ education stopped when vacation time arrived. After using BlueVoda website builder to create website, her students are surely the happiest kids as they get their queries solved online and stay updated. Zoe also shares jokes with her students through her website every now and then, just for a bit of fun. Her use of the BlueVoda website builder to create website has made Zoe a popular teacher in town and has gained her many fans too. Many students now wish to be a teacher like her and create website of their own for teaching when they grow up too and Zoe is very proud of this.

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