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BlueVoda website builder is undoubtedly the best website maker of the world to create website. I was thinking of how to create website, where to get a website maker but the moment I got hold of the BlueVoda website builder everything became easy. I work as a Tourist Guide living in a historical city. My town has a very important place in history. During the tourist season, one can see loads of tourists strolling around the elegant monuments and buildings. In order to find work I had to roam around each and every person and ask him whether he needed a tourist guide. One day, I took my sister with me and I was mistreated by one of the tourists. At the time my sister was studying a course in Computers and she was extremely hurt by the incident. She stopped me from going to work the next day. Though I was hurt just as much, I tried to make her understand that these things happen. But she said ‘my brother is not going to beg for work’!

Really, I was touched but I thought about how I should make her understand that it was a part of my duty and I could not just break her heart and go. I could do some other work also but I loved my job. I loved to meet people, learn about different cultures and get to know their languages and customs. I kept roaming about for the next few days. Then one day I was sitting at a coffee shop, and some students were talking about something called a ‘website builder’ and how to create website. They were saying that a website is the best advertisement of your work. I became curious and went to them with my problem. They were very nice students and were very happy to help me. They told me that a website would help me reach out to people or visa versa.  This way I would not have to go and run after people. Instead they would contact me through my website, if they needed my assistance. I was very happy but I didn’t know how to create website.

My sister graciously taught me how to work on the computer and internet but I still didn’t know how to create website. We couldn’t hire a website maker as they were too costly but my sister said the automated website builder helped to create website. We checked out the website maker but it was very difficult to understand, especially for me.  Suddenly while browsing, I came across BlueVoda website builder to create website. My sister wasn’t there so I checked it out myself and really I was thrilled to see the website builder.

BlueVoda website builder had free of cost Logos, Web Page Backgrounds and Templates to create website. The best thing was that BlueVoda website maker was absolutely free to create website. BlueVoda website builder also had the option to insert streaming flash and plug-ins scripts to the website. I immediately downloaded and installed BlueVoda website maker.  After the installation of BlueVoda website builder, a work area appeared to create website. All the accessories like inbox, sign up, and shopping carts etc. were provided as Icons by the website builder. The Drag & Drop function of BlueVoda helped me to place them to create website. But BlueVoda website builder had Tutorials to help me. The Customer Care of BlueVoda website builder was there, to walk me through the process to create website.

It was so amazing! I used all my imagination to create website with this website maker and I was able to create website within few hours. I uploaded some images of the famous buildings and my details and experience as a Tourist Guide. I also offered a facility to pick up the tourist from the Airport and settle them in a hotel. My sister was pretty impressed by the end result because it turned out to be a fabulous website. BlueVoda website builder helped us to create a web hosting account and my website was streaming live on the net.

The tourist season was coming up and no sooner my website came online, I started receiving emails and calls. Can you believe it; I was booked for the full season. Sightseeing became very easy for the tourists and my job as a guide became very easy and lucrative also.  But this would have been impossible without BlueVoda website builder. Now I also have a side business. To create website, what else! One of the tourists once commented “You are the world’s best Tourist Guide and I replied “Yes because I have the world’s best website builder”.

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