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Kaye was a good student and after High School she wanted to go to college.  Though money was tight she studied during the day and worked as a waitress in a restaurant at night to pay for her tuition fees.  Finally, after four years of hard work she graduated with flying colors.  Kaye started as an intern with a Multi National Company that looked after the interests of many banks and financial institutions.  Kaye’s company managed administrative and routine work for its clients, looked after PR and advertising campaigns. Kaye was assigned to a department that looked after the content writing assignments, on various topics given by its clients.  She learned how to make info graphics that showed data in the form graphics for presentation during general body meetings or meeting with important clients.  She learned to make charts to present financial data to the clients or to the general public.  She realized that she loved making info graphics and she felt immense satisfaction in summarizing data in a few pages. Sometimes the client’s website builder used her data to create website.

Kaye worked for many years in the organization; she was satisfied with her job, but realized that she had become a fixture and needed to move forward from her fixed position.  She had acquired many unique skills and wanted to expand and open her own venture to cater to the clients with small budgets who needed the help of an expert to make an eye catching slide, give a short history, goals and services offered by them for presentation to the clients, financial venture capitalists and banks. Kaye decided to resign from her job and work from home. She was confident that her business venture would become viable in a year. However, she needed to create website to advertise her business on the internet, but she did not want to dip into her savings to engage to an expert website builder. Kaye was not ready to give up her dream, she asked her friends and acquaintances to find out a website builder who would create website and help her to go on line.  Jim, one of her friends was a keen internet researcher, he decided to help Kaye to create website.

Jim used his weekend to browse the internet in search of a cheap website builder.  He came across a website with a wealth of information on how to create website with the help of tools provided by this particular website builder. Jim told Kaye that he was going to create website for her business and spent every minute of his free time, going through the free tutorials provided by the website builder.  He was amazed by the simple drag drop method, attractive predefined templates given by the website builder that he could customize to create website for Kaye’s business. He was confident he could create website with the help of tools provided by the website builder that looked professional, business like and yet attractive.  BlueVoda website builders showed him how to create and attach extra pages that would carry samples of info graphics created by Kaye in order to create website.  He designed a website that had a main page and a number attached pages with attractive background provided by the website builder. Soon he was able to create website with the help of the easy drag and drop method by the website builder.  He asked Kaye to visit him and presented her with the website he created with the help of the website builder. Kaye was thrilled with the results and insisted that they go online immediately with the help of the click and go online tool provided by the builder for a nominal sum of money.

Jim’s hard labor to create website using method provided by the website builder paid off and Kaye started getting orders from the prospective clients as soon as the website went online. Jim was very satisfied with his skills, he realized it was easy to use the website builder to create websites that are client specific, attractive, different than the usual websites that are made by the commercial website builders. He liked the idea of using logos, templates, colorful background to create websites for his friends to help them with their business ventures.  Very soon word spread in his circle that Jim is an expert and if you want to create websites of any kind, business or personal.  Jim, now, caters to a steady number of clients that ask him to create websites for them for a nominal sum of money.

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