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How to Create a Professional Website with No Skills

I just love cooking. It is my profession, my love and my talent. I have been cooking dishes since the age of 14, with the help of my mother who is also a great cook. I can say that I have inherited her expertise and talent which has made me such a great chef today.

However, now I think I have reached a saturation point, where I feel I should do more than cook. I now think that I have to let others into my cooking secrets and learn the secrets to my famous dishes.

I first thought about compiling a cooking book but the advent and popularity of the internet has made me think otherwise. But the facts are that it is easier, faster and more affordable way of sharing my knowledge with others interested in cooking is through the internet.

So of course, the first thing I had to do was create website. This was not actually easy as I am not much of a computer buff. I thus thought of hiring some web developers to create website for me. However I tried a few of them, and was not actually happy with them.

I found that they tend to create website for themselves, and not for their client! Me being a creative person, I had certain ideas and plans for my website. I wanted to create website that not only appealed to others, but was something I was happy with.

While searching for potential web developers I could hire, I came across various website builders on the internet. I was a bit curious as I did not know much about these website builder tools. So I did some research and found out that they were tools that both novices like me and professionals could use to create website.

However I was disappointed to find out that most of these website builder tools could be used only by people who had some HTML knowledge. I could not use this type of website builder as I knew nothing about HTML.

So I was looking around for a website builder that a person without any computer or HTML knowledge like me could use. This was when I came across a brilliant website builder called BlueVoda.

I found this website builder very helpful to create website for my cooking passion. All I had to do was follow the accurate step by step tutorials that accompanied the website builder and I could create website.

Generally, all I had to do to create website using BlueVoda was drag and drop the different elements to the respective places. At times I did come across some confusion and complications while creating my website with the website builder.

This did not hinder my endeavor to create website as I just had to put up my doubts on the many BlueVoda forums, or the customer support team of BlueVoda. Within a short time of the submission of my doubts, I’d received my answers to proceed.

I absolutely love this website builder as there is no limit to the number of web pages I could create for my website. I just went on writing all the recipes I knew, and included pictures and videos so that people could get an idea of the type of dishes I cooked.

I have to mention that not only is the website builder BlueVoda so easy to use to create website, it is available for free. Yes, I did not pay a cent for this website builder. However there is a hitch to using this website builder to create website.

You have to use only their sister concern, VodaHost to host the website once you create website. Some people may say that this is a hitch or hindrance with using this website builder. However I found it an added bonus as I did not have to look for a host for my cooking website.

I just had to create website as per my ideas and specifications and once my website was complete, I handed it over to VodaHost to host it. Of course, there is a small fee you have to pay for using their web hosting services rendered by VodaHost. However not only it is a minimal amount, I did not mind paying it as they offer so many amazing features.

So in a nutshell, I have to say that if you wish to create website, and are not that happy with web developers, then BlueVoda is the best website builder you could use to create website with no skills that not only looks brilliant but has all the updated features.

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