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How to create a simple website project

It happened last semester. In my Journalism class, my college professor asked us to create website as part of our semester requirement. We were instructed to group ourselves into three and create website that would imitate an online newsletter. Well, as college students, we were quite familiar with using the Internet but creating a website out of scratch was a whole different matter. It seemed like an insurmountable problem as we knew that web designing was meant for those tech savvy IT students who knew all the ins and outs of website builder software. What did we know about HTML language, web design program codes, Java scripts, etc.? In addition, we had no way of financing the project if we were going to hire a web design professional to create website for us. We were just average college students with normal allowances, for crying out loud! We also didn’t have the time to attend classes on website builder software at specialized learning centers. We were all busy with our own classes and had no time to fit in any other extracurricular activities.

That’s when we decided to try out the most highly recommended website builder software we could find. We spent the whole morning researching about how to create website for beginners. Thank goodness our first choice was BlueVoda website builder! The testimonials of satisfied users were impressive and eventually convinced us. We immediately downloaded the BlueVoda software into my classmate’s laptop and started off with some apprehension. We were initially anxious about whether we would be able to understand the software instructions on how to create website especially if the website builder software directions were complicated and full of technical jargon that we were not acquainted with. However, as the minutes progressed, the more relieved we were while using the BlueVoda website builder. We could not believe just how smooth and easy it was to create website using BlueVoda software! Even a grade school student could put up their own website with it!

We expected to be told to memorize a whole bunch of HTML language terms or type in complex codes just to create website for our subject requirement. But we were not asked to do any of the sorts! All we had to do was use the really simple web design tools from the BlueVoda website builder. First off, we selected the most appropriate template format to use to create website. The BlueVoda website builder software had tons of templates to choose from! Next, we had to decide what objects to add to our site. We wanted to create website which would have a professional look and feel to it. Upon checking the vast image library from the BlueVoda website builder, we readily found the right images and logos to use. And when we put them in our site, we would just drag and drop the objects. If we wanted to resize the image, it was very east to do. So simple! It really took the stress out of having to create website.

Since the process to create website was a breeze, so was the one click publishing with BlueVoda website builder. Other web design programs advertised online required several days before a website could be published. But with BlueVoda, all it took was just a few seconds and even fewer clicks!

Another commendable thing about the BlueVoda website builder is that for newbies like us, there are plenty of video tutorials on how to create website which comes with this website builder software. If you have a question or need some tips on how to manipulate the website builder tools better, you can easily watch the videos to learn all that you want about how to create website using BlueVoda.

But wait! There’s something more I’d like to commend BlueVoda website builder for. We were able to create website without paying a single cent for any fees, hidden or otherwise! I guess this was also one of the main factors which attracted us to BlueVoda. We really couldn’t afford to pay to have a web design expert to create website our website for us. So the fact that the software and video tutorials were absolutely free was a real lifesaver. We couldn’t be more thankful to BlueVoda website builder for coming to our rescue when it did.

To college students like us and other people who are unfamiliar with web design, we strongly recommend BlueVoda for your web creation needs.

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