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Friends and relatives were constantly nagging me to create website using BlueVoda website builder. The website is for my hobby, which is photography so I can turn my pastime into a full time career since everyone believes I have the skills to become very successful in this field. But stubbornness prevailed, so instead of paying attention to my relatives and friends suggestion of using BlueVoda, I decided to hire a website designer to create website, a decision I deeply regretted.

You may be wondering why I decided to hire professionals despite the fact that their asking fees are exorbitant. Well, the answer was quite easy since my computer skills are very pathetic and at that time, I did not think that my computers software could do the job right. So, I spent a substantial amount of money and ended up with a website I did not even like. The website, the so-called expert website designer created for me was not what we had discussed, which is why I was frustrated since my first website was a complete waste of money and time. After losing a large sum of money, I was not ready to spend again, but since I needed a website I decided to give the BlueVoda software a chance.

When I downloaded BlueVoda software to my computer, I was not expecting anything as I was just trying the program, even though many of my friends had been telling me before that the BlueVoda software is one of the remarkable free programs available online and they were right. From downloading the website builder to publishing the website, everything was simply stress and hassle free. I guess the video tutorials and the excellent support team have also helped me create website that showcased my photos.

Furthermore, this website builder has amazing features such as drag and drop button, image library, and pre-design website templates which certainly made my tasks a piece of cake. You see, the drag and drop feature of the website builder allows anyone to create website even without knowledge or experience in website design. Yes! You read it right, and my website is proof that anyone can create website that has all the functions and tools that one may need for a photography website. Take note, with BlueVoda website builder you do not need to be a genius to drag and drop website headers, webpage backgrounds, logos, and templates from the image library of the website builder to create website.

In fact, hundreds of templates, logos and other items from BlueVoda library are more than enough to make things a lot simpler for anyone who has no formal education in website design to create website. Come to think of it, I did not even need any experience in using HTML to create website. This fact also made me very grateful for the website builder developer as the software is created for people who want to create website. By the way, the website I created is very appealing and so functional that even my friends could not believe that I did not hire anyone to create website for me. But of course, after mentioning the BlueVoda website builder they immediately realized that I was not kidding for the reason that the website builder is highly recommended by everyone that want a website fast, secure and easy to use.

The best thing about the website builder, aside from the obvious is the price as the software is free to download. I should know since I just provided my name and email address to download the website builder without paying a single cent. And if I had realized early on, the advantages of the website builder, I would have downloaded the software a long time ago, and would not have wasted any money for my dream website as I can create website without a problem like what a lot of people are doing nowadays.

Moreover, the fact that I can get the website live in seconds further shows that it is easier to use the software to create website as well as publish the site and all I did to get my website online is purchase a web hosting account with VodaHost to use the “one click” feature of the website builder. Plus, in case you are not aware of the fact, you can create website as many as you want. Most importantly, I had so much fun using the website builder that when I create website, time just flies. I highly recommend BlueVoda website builder, since this amazing software facilitates an easy way for me to create website for my hobby.

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