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I will continue to use this website maker option

So I had to build website content for a project I was doing in school and, although it was a history project, we were expected to build website matter that would score top points. After panicking for a while, my friend’s brother introduced me to BlueVoda website builder. At first, I thought that I would have to take a crash course on website maker and programming skills. However, I was in for a pleasant website maker surprise.

After visiting, the BlueVoda website builder help center, I was pleasantly surprised on the number of website maker tutorials that they had, in YouTube Video format and also in interactive forums. With this I was able to download the BlueVoda website builder software for free which was a relief. After that, I simply watched the website maker videos on how to plan my website in a very ‘build website’ user friendly manner. I was also able to learn how to drag and drop the history papers and images that I wanted to have on the site. Build website content through drag and drop…so simple and interesting at the same time for a budding website maker like me. I was also able to learn how to put a logo on the website, which I was sure it would earn me extra website maker points with my history lecturer.

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In addition, I was able to build website content using the templates that simply allowed me to add in-line frames to arrange my work, how to build website hyperlinks to the sites I used to get my information, how to upload any files that I couldn’t drag and drop on the website builder. Whenever I got bored with the build website template I had, I was simply directed to a link where I could find a list of available templates for use to build website perfection. There is even a forum with a step by step visual website maker guide of how to add the templates through the website builder.

Some of the new things that had me more interested in BlueVoda website builder included; adding a guestbook so people could comment on my build website project, a chat section where I could get website maker tips and ideas from friends on how to work on the site, ways to use the BlueFTP which is a simple website maker way to get people outside of my school viewing my site, how to change my fonts, add symbols, the LightBox for viewing my pictures, how to even add music, video clips and pictures to the website builder and also how to put in cool drop down menus, how to create my own templates if the existing ones didn’t fit my style and also how to build website upgrades on an already existing site using the very same BlueVoda website builder. I am definitely referring my friends and parents to this website builder software and when I wish to start my own personal site, I will still use this website maker option. Thanks BlueVoda for being the world’s best website builder.

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