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Hi, my name is Mahfuzur Rahman. I am a Student at the Dhaka University. My Subject is Social science. I am also involve in some social working like, Helping poor people, Raising Funds for them, Get free education for their children, and also other related social works invited or arranged by the University. It was my dream to help poor people; because I myself came from a poor family so I know how hard it is to live. To see my passion for helping distressed people, one of my friends suggested me to build a website which will help me to get more helps from home and abroad. To be honest it’s not a bad idea. But the problem is I don’t have that much money to create a professional website because they are too expensive. So I do some searching for free website creation and design website of my own and look for website builders but nothing seems to be working. Because I am a sociology student I don’t know how to design website, so it turns out to be difficult for me to understand those coding language for website creation which is really frustrating.

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So, I asked my friends about this and one of them who is in the Science Department helps me out by teaching me how this coding languages works. Now I thought I can build my own website and after making some search on the Internet I got some website maker tools that can help me to design website. But after checking those website builders properly I realized that these are not worth it. I got frustrated and thought that I could never be able to design website using website creator tools. I thought website creation is the most difficult thing on earth. But hey if there is a will, there is a way. So I search again and found another website creator tool named BlueVoda website builder. So I downloaded the software and found it very user friendly website builder tool. This website builder tool makes me really hopeful about my website creation and design website. The luckiest part is I downloaded the website builder without spending a penny and there is a video tutorial to understand the functionalities perfectly of website creation. After discovering this extraordinary software, I completed to design website and website creation in just 30 minutes with the website builder tool. Now it seems very easy to me to design website and website creation with this website builder tool. I integrate a photo gallery, locations, streets, new events, how to help distressed people, Be a part of the social working, donation system and other stuff that will let people get a clear picture of life of distressed people and make a step forward to help them out if they want to. Now I can regularly update the site without any problem and all of those were possible just because of BlueVoda. Website creation and design website is not so difficult task if you have BlueVoda. BlueVoda has the 100% ability to help you for creating and designing website. If you have the BlueVoda website builder then website creation will be a fun for you.

Now, I can confidently suggest anyone especially who are new and working on your first page to use the BlueVoda. There is no doubt that it’s the most appropriate tool for the beginner for website creation and design website. So don’t waste your time looking for other website builder, download BlueVoda and start making your own website, design website and make updates whenever you want.

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