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I own a mechanical shop and I used to coordinate my work with various automobile companies. Recently most of these automobile companies have generated a circulation and people having luxury cars can also have their car repaired and serviced from any certified mechanical shop and that shop must stamp the bluebook of the car after servicing. I was very happy with this new circulation because I imagined that I would earn much more by servicing the luxury car editions. But more surprisingly, the last three years, I did not receive a single luxury car for servicing. One of my friends told me that if I wanted to expand my business then I should create website for my shop because luxury car owners do not like to stay in the mechanical shop for the whole day, and they generally make a prior appointment from the website of the car servicing centre. So I decided to launch my own website and I made an appointment with one local website builder. He charged me huge amounts to create website and he also told me about future maintenance cost and some hidden fees for SEO, social medial marketing, online marketing, reputation management, logo design, and graphics to create website, technical assistance, pay per click management and lots more. I was really surprised because I did not have any ideas about website building and I did not want to invest this huge amount at a time. Then my friends told me to use the BlueVoda website builder to create website for my mechanical shop. They told me that, I did not need to learn anything to create website through BlueVoda because I could access all tools from BlueVoda at free of cost and there is no coding required to create website through BlueVoda website builder.

Why would you use BlueVoda website builder?

It’s really amazing that without any prior knowledge, we can create website and we just need to follow some drag-and-drop procedures to create website. BlueVoda offers hundreds of website templates, background designs, logos, website headers and we can also customize our webpage and business logo with BlueVoda website builder. Now owning two websites for my business, I am making a good progress in marketing my brand. One of the website deals with my mechanic shop whereas I am selling some automobile spare parts on my other website. So I am earning a lot from both sites, and I do not need to pay anything to anyone for my site maintenance. BlueVoda website builder automatically updates its software and takes its backup after a certain time; it also generates my SEO reports and updated SEO news. I have used a pre-designed website template to create website and have also selected their background graphic for my website. The BlueVoda team is well responsive and by the way I have also plug-in online payment options on my website.

Now my customers can easily make a prior appointment through my site and I have uploaded an appointment, feedback and contact form on my website through the BlueVoda website builder. I strongly recommend business people and entrepreneurs to use BlueVoda website builder to create website within half an hour and you can directly publish your site through the BlueVoda website builder. It is really difficult to learn the coding and maintain the SEO and other technical issues to create website because as a novice person, I did not have such ideas and much time to learn these things from any institutes. So in this case, BlueVoda website builder is the only possible way to create website for our business and we can save lot of money by using the BlueVoda website builder. As I stated earlier that I have two different websites now and people can create unlimited websites with same BlueVoda website builder software. You just need to enter your email address to download the plug-in software of BlueVoda and they can easily install the same within few seconds. Afterward, they can just follow the drag-and-drop system to create website and they can easily create website and launch it within half an hour maximum.

BlueVoda website builder is 100% safe and secure, and they do not run any adware through their website builder software. For the last few years, I have been using the BlueVoda website builder and BlueVoda is completely clean from any kind of spyware and viruses. All you need to do is to open a VodaHost account to create website and you can directly publish your site online within few seconds only.

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