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I have been running my own business for decades now, but I am a bit behind the curve when it comes to the Internet, so when I finally realized that I needed to take my business online, getting a website started was a huge stumbling block. The reason is that my business, while old enough to be stable, is not huge enough that I can afford to hire extra people. Hiring a website builder to create website was completely out of my budget, so I had to create website on my own.

Unfortunately, on that regard, I didn’t have much in the way of coding nor web development skills to create website. The best I could do when it comes to creating on the PC is some slide shows on PowerPoint and a little bit of Word for Windows. So I pretty much had very little recourse to create website. Still, the stubborn person that I am, I was determined to have a business website so I started by getting hosting from a website builder called VodaHost.

It was the best thing I did, as I soon realized that this website builder provides all of its subscribers with free use of a website builder called BlueVoda. I still didn’t have the slightest coding or design skill to create website, but it seems like this website builder was created specifically for people like me.

Basically, BlueVoda is a WYSIWYG editor, which means no coding skill is necessary to create website at all. You can drag and drop things and create website the same way you would design a PowerPoint presentation. The user interface of the website builder is streamlined enough that it has everything that you would need for basic website design, without any intimidating button clutter. Even if it is your first time using a website builder, you can get the hang of things just by testing each of the buttons (or for something easier, just hovering your cursor and reading the tooltips).

Since this website builder is part of a VodaHost subscription, it is not surprising that saving the websites on your VodaHost hosting account is seamless. There would be no need to fiddle with all sorts of control panels or FTP applications, which is a good thing because that process seems like unnecessary busywork when I just want to create website that is a simple, fast, yet good looking for my business. The website builder lets me do that, and it didn’t require weeks of studying to create website (at most, it took me a couple of days of watching the tutorial videos and a few more hours of trial and errors, but that’s mostly because I’m a slow study).

The kind of websites I was able to create with this website builder was great. They’re not going to win any design awards, but they look quite decent and to someone looking, it can be mistaken for a website created by an actual web designer or an expensive website builder. Part of this is due to how the drag and drop functionality makes everything so easy, and part is due to all the readymade templates that the website builder comes with to create website. These layout templates already look good on their own, so people who really just want a quick, painless way to create website can just throw one of these layouts on their page and then publish everything to VodaHost. However, if you do need to stand out, you might want to spend some time tweaking and fiddling with the readymade layouts to create website. It’s easy enough to do.

I don’t know much about advanced ways to create website, but I can see that it also caters to people who may need something more powerful that can help them create website due to its support for widgets and plug-ins (I was able to add a PayPal button to my website, for one thing). So you see it’s slightly modular and can accommodate more functionality for veteran developers. It is also a great way for newbie’s like me to start delving into more advanced means to create website, without being overwhelmed by too much technical stuff.

The biggest contention here is the price. Technically speaking, the website builder isn’t free because you need to have a VodaHost account first to create website. But considering that you are going to need a host for your websites anyway, and the fact that this website builder rates are affordable, you can just subscribe and then BlueVoda itself will be free to use. In this scenario, you can’t beat its price and functionality. Even if you are in a situation where you already have a hosting account, switching to the website builder shouldn’t be too difficult.


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