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I have a textile business and I have four outlets in the main city area. The last few years I did not get enough sales and the ROI from these outlets dropped because most people like to buy their garments and fashionable accessories from an online shopping portal. I also tried to create website for my own business and I consulted with a reputed website builder in this regards. They told me that it is very simple to create website but I had to maintain various codes and I needed to create website with various tools. As a businessman, it is really unknown to me and I do not have any idea about website building. I asked them for a quote and the website builder charged me different types of fees for hosting, URL address, SEO, Social media marketing, PPC, and lots more. But I have a simple rule, that when we start a new venture we should calculate the risk factors and only after getting enough response from the new business, we can invest more amounts on the same. So I decided not to hire any website builder for my own business site rather decided to create website for my company by some small website builder (who would charge me less amount). But after a lot of research, I did not find any reputed website builder in the market who could create website for my business at an affordable cost. Some of them did charge me a less amount initially, but they had very good tactics that they charged me more after creating a single page site for my business.

BlueVoda: simple, fast and easy to use for beginners

Last year, one of my friends told me about the BlueVoda website builder. He told me that I could create website at free of cost with BlueVoda. As per his suggestions, I downloaded BlueVoda from its official website and I learned a lot from the BlueVoda tutorial videos. As I stated earlier I did not have any idea about coding, and wanted to create website without any coding. BlueVoda website builder is really amazing and it requires no codes to start a website, and we could create many websites with the same software. We just needed to download the files by entering our email address and easily create website with some drag-and-drop system.

There are huge numbers of website templates available on BlueVoda website builder and we can easily use them free of cost. More surprisingly, we can also customize and sketch our own website layout with BlueVoda website builder. As a novice person, it took me almost two days to create my website with BlueVoda, but after creating the first website, I also started my own blog and personal webpage with the same BlueVoda website builder. Now I can create website within half an hour and publish them directly through this website builder. I strongly recommend that those who are looking for some website builder to create website for their own business or personal uses, can just try out the BlueVoda, and people can easily create website with BlueVoda with some drag-and-drop system.

Apart from that, when you create website for your business, you need to include some logos and choose some website templates, background design and header designs. On BlueVoda, you can download more than hundreds of logos and use various templates, website background designs and header designs at free of cost. For more details, you can also access their tutorials and you can learn everything from their free video tutorials. I have created my own business logo with BlueVoda and also used their templates for my own business site. They are fast, and I can create website with BlueVoda. Now I have three different websites, one is for my textile business, the second one is my own blog and recently, I have created another site for my manufacturing unit. I have done all of them through BlueVoda website builder.

The most attractive feature of BlueVoda is that it is “free of cost”, and we do not need to pay them any charges to create website. I have also tried to compare the BlueVoda with other similar website builders, but they all have some hidden costs and you can find some adware inside their website builder. But BlueVoda is completely free from any adware, spyware and viruses. All you need to do is to download the BlueVoda from the official website and you can easily create website and publish your website with VodaHost web hosting account.

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