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Blogging is already a way of life for me… sharing my thoughts, ideas and opinions served both as a past time and therapy for me. I eventually got tired of platforms, since my following has been great, I really wanted to create website with a personalized name and without extensions. Although I’m familiar with html and other website builder platforms, it was still difficult to create website of my own. Then I found BlueVoda to create website.  Who would have thought it was that easy to just create website?

It’s difficult to encode htmls and other scripts and I wanted it to be done immediately. I found this simple work around… and through BlueVoda, I was able to create website without the sweat.  One thing I liked about this website builder is that it is really designed to make website building easier. It also saves my time, because I don’t want to scramble around estimating scripts and encoding them. I know it’s really nice to do things the hard way, but when you’re really busy, that argument is invalid. I am a hands on blogger, and of course I wanted to keep my followers up to date. I just want to create website of my own, and this was made possible by this crafty website builder.

You can download it for free, which is actually suspicious at first, since malwares and viruses are rampant nowadays. But looking at all the feedback about this website builder made me want to try it myself. I was skeptic that it’s just easy to create website that fast, but then when I got to try this website builder, all my doubts were relieved!

Once, it was really difficult to include images and hyperlinks into pages, but with this website builder, all you have to do is just point, click and move your mouse.  All the content you would want to incorporate into your site is made simpler, easier and faster! It’s really fun to think about, when people think it’s really difficult and expensive to create website… but this website builder proves otherwise. It’s really user friendly, and it really saves my time.

What’s more fun about this website builder is its preloaded content. I don’t have to scour over the internet to find ideas and inspiration on how to design my new website. I can try everything, and if it doesn’t work for me, I can always try again. Talking about an ingenious website builder! To think about the expense and span of time to spend in order to create website is already stressing me out when I thought about building my own website, but then I never thought it was that easy to do it this way.

It’s just like working with a simple tool, and as simple as this website builder as it may seem, it is a fountain of numerous ideas to work with without having to worry about code errors and bugged scripts which is profoundly annoying if you’re encoding it yourself. I don’t have to worry about that with this website builder. I can do almost everything, I can create website, alter its design, post content the way I want it to be posted, and launch my site in just a click of a button!  It’s a really powerful and smart website builder by all means.

I don’t just want to create website; I also want to launch it. No, I also NEED to launch it of course. That’s the point anyway. I was so shocked when I was about to launch my new website… this website builder also offers launching and hosting at a very reasonable price. Since I already had what I want in terms of design and layout… plus the fact that I personally did create website is no brainer. I thought it would be complicated to launch it then. But what happened is the exact opposite. It was so easy! With this website builder, I was able to launch my website in a heartbeat.

No words can express how much I am satisfied with BlueVoda and I strongly recommend it for blogging enthusiasts like me.  There’s nothing like this website and you should try this. If you want to create website, customized and tailor fit to your own needs, has a lot to offer besides the fact that you can download and try if for free.

If it is your first time to create website, this is the website builder to download. Do it now! Create website the way you want it… when you want it!

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