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The Most Dynamic Website Builder There Is

BlueVoda website builder is amazing! It is so powerful that I can say this is the most dynamic website builder there is. Having no background in information technology, I still had to keep abreast with technology nowadays to keep my students interested in our course. I noticed that they are always online, and an idea came into mind. I decided to create website where I can post assignments and projects and online resources for them to access. But I realized I didn’t know how to create website! And I also didn’t have money to hire a programmer or a website builder! With that dilemma, I was shying away from the idea to create website, until a friend told me about a website builder which does not require prior experience in order to create website. I was hesitant at first, because I’m not really familiar with anything that has to do with website builders, and I didn’t know how to create website. I only knew the basics on using a computer, and nothing about how to create website.

I was still fixated on the idea to create website for my students for a while. What I wanted to put in that website is really important, like advisories, links to webpages related to our course of study, references I’ve used, slide presentations I made and more. I also wanted them to use the website to communicate with each other with forums and topics related to the subject, make learning more interactive and more fun, and more accessible to young people. So, I was really dying to create website. A simple social media page won’t do, it would be distracting. I wanted to create website dedicated for the cause of my course and studies. I needed a website builder and I needed one fast.

I decided to give it a try, create website to my liking and all I did was download the website builder from the site. I was surprised how simple it can get, it’s just like working in a simple word processor. I thought website builders require knowledge about math and computer language which is all Greek to me, but this is a really neat and comprehensive website builder. I thought that it would take years to create website, but this only took below an hour. Since I have a clear idea on what I want to see and what services must be reflected on my site, I worked on it in a breeze.

This easy to use website builder is also generous in terms of features. I’m not even close to a designer but the website builder has built in templates. All I have to do is choose! Match and pick! Drag and drop! It’s that simple! It’s also surprising how I can just tinker around with the tools until I can get the interface that I want for the website I wish to create. I never thought that to create website could be that easy!

The process wasn’t really as drastic as I expected, in fact it was quite an experience for me. I never thought that I could create website, and this website builder helped me accomplish that. I just have a computer and no formal training on web design, much more, I had no training in website building!

When I launched the site and required my students to subscribe to it, I got positive feedback from them. Since they spend most of their time in front of their electronic devices, even the laziest of my student who does not even turn a page of their book got engaged in our class.

Class has never been interactive, and most of them got engaged in our subject matter because they can easily access our reading materials. They can also communicate with peers to help each other out in their projects and home works. They also get updated about quizzes when I post them on the site. With file sharing, I also get to share files with my students to help them further improve their cognition and understanding. I also had the idea to make them submit their work on the site.

What’s not to like about this website builder? It is virtually a big help for technologically challenged people like me. I also didn’t have the money to pay someone to create website for me. Also, I got to choose everything from the content, the design, the layout and I somehow feel empowered that I was able to accomplish something like that!

If you want to create website, this is the website builder that you should get, minus the drama. It is the best website builder there is!

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