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Irene was a housewife, and her house was a like a perfectly oiled machine it ran without a hitch;  the household chores were done in a jiffy, nutritious meals were prepared effortlessly and eaten daily, the house always looked very spic and span. Like every housewife, Irene was also an expert, she juggled finance, search and shopped for materials she needed, became an expert in multi-tasking and executing orders from her husband and children. Irene had no idea that she was a management expert in running a mini enterprise, her home. Children grew up and left the house and Irene had more time on her hand.  She loved making cupcakes and decided to use her hobby to make some money. She spread the word in her neighbourhood and friends that she is open to taking modest orders for baking cupcakes and cakes for a nominal sum of money. A friend advised her to go online and create website by hiring a website builder, but Irene was content with her modest success, searching for a website builder to create website for her business were beyond her capacity.

Irene was content with her life, she had a grass root cupcake business, it was modestly successful and worked through word of mouth, and people called it Irene’s cake business. However, something happened  that turned Irene and Jeremy’s life upside down.  Jeremy lost his job; their well-ordered life suddenly became a nightmare.  Money became tight Jeremy’s pension was not enough for them, but Irene refused to wallow in despair and decided to open a catering company to supply cupcakes, cakes and simple party food. The money they set aside to open the business was just enough to cover day to day expenses; it was not enough to run an expensive advertising campaign. Spending money to run expensive advertisements was beyond their means. However, Jim their younger son came to their rescue, he advised them to use their household computer to create website to advertise their catering business. He had heard of a free website builder and offered to create website with the help of the website builder recommended by his friends. He planned to create website for them, working on the weekends and during holidays.

When Jim clicked on the page of the website builder, he was amazed, there were free logos, templates to create webpage background and headers, the website builder used simple drag drop method. He was fascinated, he listened to the free tutorials, experimented, used the predefined templates provided by the website builder and managed to create website that looked attractive and easy to maintain.  Jim was enjoying his work, he decided to experiment further and create website that had a unique design. The website builder helped him to create extra pages that were easily attached to the website he had created for his parents.  He decided to create many pages, each describing one product.  Soon the website he created was ready to go live online.  The website builder had a one click provision that allows the website to go live with one click for a modest sum of money.  Irene’s Cupcakes went live on the internet and the orders picked up exponentially, soon Irene had to hire a helper as her business started growing.  She was thankful to the website the builder that enabled her to create website that spread the word to a wider audience.

In the meantime, Jim decided to use his expertise to create websites through the help of free website builder and start a part time business that he hoped would bring in some money.  He spread the word through his friend that he can create websites and would charge very nominal fees. Some friends asked him to create websites for their businesses. Jim was now experienced in taking help from the website builder.  The word spread and soon Jim was busy using the help from the website builder to create websites for his clients. He decided to give up his job and start a business, to create website for clients through the help of the website builder.  He created a website with the help of the website builder and went live on the internet.  Orders poured in and Jim was happy he was using his creative abilities to create websites for his clients that were unique and reflected their line of business satisfactorily. This is the story of two satisfied households found that it is not very difficult to create websites if you get help from free website builders.

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