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We are living in a world where internet plays a key role when it comes to business. Today, we find almost everything online, so if your business is not online, you are in for trouble. After considering the potential market out there, I decided to create website for my apparel and boutique store. But, I had no idea where to start as my budget was limited. I contacted about three website builder companies but all were charging a lot. I also asked a friend who said that I must look for online tutorials to create website.

During my search, I came across BlueVoda website builder by VodaHost, which is an easy-to-use installable template that you can download from their website onto your computer. I downloaded it and went through its tutorial to create website, which I found quite easy to understand. In fact, I just glanced through the tutorial.

Initially I was hesitant to use this website builder as the site says that one can create website in 30 minutes. So, I thought this is too good to be true. Then I read some reviews of this website builder and found that most people who have tried it have liked and appreciated it. So, this is how I decided to download BlueVoda to create website. I am glad I tried it as the website I created is quite striking and functional too.

BlueVoda website builder provides users the option to select a logo, background images, website headers, etc. There are hundreds of website design templates to choose from – and all for free. From a simple website initially to an e-commerce store later, there is no stopping as far as the success of my business online is concerned. I have created my site, without having any knowledge on HTML.  There is also no need to inquire about the website hosting as it offers website hosting along with it. BlueVoda website builder is an end-to-end package to create website and can help you get up and running on the internet.

In order to create website, all I had to do was use the drag and drop various in-built elements like images, buttons, headers, etc. provided by the BlueVoda website builder. Well, I hit a couple of roadblocks but the website builder video tutorial came in handy. Finally, I did create website, which is a multi-page website that is just beautiful.

After I took up the task to create website, I heard that SEO was important for my business to soar and I wondered if I did a mistake by not hiring a professional website builder. I got my answer when I started seeing enquiries, shipping orders coming in through my website in a few weeks time. Thanks to BlueVoda website builder. They have taken into account everything that a business needs to create website.

When my site got live, I was very excited. All my friends and customers complimented me. They especially liked the colors, backgrounds I used and the overall design. I had also added a query form to help my people ask queries and give suggestions.

BlueVoda website builder allows one to create many sites. One of my friends has asked me to create website for her too. I will gladly do so though I have asked her to try and create website on her own as it is fun and a great confidence booster.

I would recommend this website builder to everyone who wants to create website for their business. All that you need is a couple of hours, in fact less, and you can create website easily using this website builder.  After you select your pre-designed template, populate your content, all you need is “one click publishing” for your website to be live.

If you have any doubts, just raise a ticket in the website builder support form. Your query will be answered promptly. This feature is very useful as most people who decide to create website using BlueVoda have no technical knowledge and customer support acts as a perfect morale booster.

This website builder has helped me to take my business to the next level. My husband who was not very supportive earlier is a changed person now. When he saw that I had created my website all on my own he was surprised and even told me that I had done a great job. It meant a lot to me. Thanks BlueVoda! You are simply amazing.

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