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Save Time By Creating Your Own Site

BlueVoda website builder is very easy to use. It allows one to create website in 30 minutes. This is what I read on the BlueVoda website and asked myself, “Is it really possible to create website that fast?” I got all the answers once I used it to create my own nanny service website using this tool and got it live.

You can not only create website but also customize it, yes – this website builder allows customization too. You can experiment with background images, headers, fonts, web templates, etc. till you get the design you want. The website builder has remarkable drag-and-drop functionality, which is a cool feature for people with no technical knowledge to create website. Also, it offers a simplified FTP (file transfer protocol) interface to upload your website onto the hosting server.

If you are not a developer, and need to create website for your business, you can bank on BlueVoda to create website. You have invested in the business and now you are talking to designers to get you online. Web designers will quote you anywhere between $3000-$5000. Just the web files from the designer won’t get you on the internet. That’s not all. You still have to buy your domain name and hosting space. So in order to create website and floating it online has never been easy. But BlueVoda has made it easy in true sense.

You will be delighted using BlueVoda website builder as it has made building a website a breeze. If I can create website using it, anybody can. It is absolutely simple to create website with BlueVoda website builder rather than sitting and negotiating with designers.

Please note that BlueVoda website builder is freely available for download on their website. Once you install it on your computer, you are your own designer. You can use the builder for free as long as you need to create website. However, to be able to publish your website you must have a VodaHost account. And here you have to pay a small fee for web hosting. However to create website, you don’t need to pay anything. To host it you have to pay a very nominal fee.

Once you select your design from the pre-designed themes that is available in this website builder, start adding elements to your home page and then to the internal pages. Arranging your web page elements is literally a no brainer with straight forward options choosing text size, font type, colors and headers. Just click- drag-drop, click- drag-drop  and your are done with your create website job.

An assortment of features is available in the website builder giving you features and functionalities to make your page attractive and with functionalities that will help you connect to you customer. You have the BlueVoda editor, to work on and you can include embedded media types such as Flash or RealPlayer or YouTube videos. Do you want to run an e-commerce business online?  No problem. BlueVoda website builder is not just for building static websites. It’s full- fledged and you can set up your e-commerce website including the PayPal option for payment gateway.  E-commerce transactions for shopping carts, donations and quick-pay buttons are incorporated. Guest book functions are a neat feature where you can collect feedback from your customers.

A web designer told me that a web designer/developer saves most of his files in .html format, but BlueVoda website builder saves files in its proprietary format during website creation. So, you cannot really collect the files and host them in your hosting space. There’s a catch here.  For you to have your website on the internet, you will need to buy a hosting account .i.e. VodaHost hosting service at approximately $8.00 per month. I would like to say that compared to the whooping costs of designing a website by professionals and then hosting it through a hosting service provider, the price that you need to pay for VodaHost hosting is nothing.

In essence, if you are using BlueVoda website builder, you will be able to float your website online in not more than an hour. VodaHost hosting service is also quick. BlueVoda Website Builder is a mostly-effective option in the recent times that allow users to quickly create website and host it right away.

If you are still not confident about using this website builder to create website, I urge you to go through the website builders video tutorial – it’s as easy as 1-2-3 literally. Take my word for it, you will just love to create website with this power-packed website builder. My sister and nephew are the biggest fans of this website designing tool. They have also created a website and are excited about it.

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